5 Tips to Keep Your Volleyball Shorts from Riding Up

Volleyball shorts are mostly made of spandex fabric that usually sticks to your skin. However, the shorts can get scrunched up to the crotch area. This not only makes you uncomfortable but can also cause rashes on your thighs. You cannot keep pulling your shorts down while playing. It will totally break your concentration in the game!

How to Stop Your Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up

Another embarrassing issue arising due to riding up of shorts is the formation of a frontal wedge. It looks ugly on everyone, whether you care or not. Moreover, women’s volleyball shorts move up to odd places causing Wedgies. You would certainly not want a dress malfunction whether you are alone or among people.
How to to keep your Volleyball Shorts from Riding Up
Don’t worry! This article has got you covered with all your shorts-riding-up issues. Keep reading to find out 5 very easy tips to prevent your shorts from moving up. Not only that, but you will also find a number of DIY ideas as you read along. Get ready to bid goodbye to volleyball shorts riding up on you!

Prevent Your Volleyball Shorts from Riding Up

Tired of tugging on your volleyball shorts more than hitting the ball? These 5 small but extremely useful tips are sure to take you out of the dilemma. All you need to do is hover over a few points before buying your next volleyball shorts.

Perfect Fit

Prior to your purchase, the most significant aspect that you need to be clear about is your size. There are a number of Volleyball brand shorts but each with its specific size scale. Your job is quite simple, be sure about your correct size.

Most often, the reason your volleyball shorts are riding up is because they are the wrong size for you. If your shorts are slightly loose, they will move in every direction as you jump up and down. Whereas in case your shorts are even a little tight for you, they might crimple upwards.

Why do volleyball players wear short shorts?

Compatible Fabric

If you’ve been wearing volleyball shorts for a while, you must be well aware of the importance that fabric holds. The 50% reason for a cloth item gaining perfection is the type of fabric it is made of. Also, it is significant for the fabric to be compatible with your skin type. Avoiding any sort of skin irritation is of utmost importance.

While playing volleyball, your shorts should neither dangle from one place to the other nor stick to your skin. The perfect fabric for any sportswear is usually spandex. It is neither very tight to keep your skin from breathing nor too loose to crinkle up.


One of the most effective ways of keeping your shorts from furrowing up is by using a spray on your thighs. Sounds weird? Well, it will seem more than good once you see its amazing result. Applying spray on your skin will let the fabric stay intact in its actual place.

Wondering about what kind of spray would work for this purpose? You don’t really need to buy a spray specifically for your skin. Just a simple hairspray will do the work perfectly well. Additionally, products such as anti-chafing gel and talcum powder will prove to be quite effective.

Length of Inseam

Believe it or not, the inseam of your volleyball shorts play a major role in your overall fitting. Don’t really know what is the inseam? It is the area between the crotch and the hem of your shorts/pants. The length of your shorts’ inseam should be slightly longer. A longer inseam can easily save your shorts from riding up.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your shorts snug to your thighs. A long inseam doesn’t mean that you can make do with loose-fit volleyball shorts. All you need to keep in mind is, the snugger, the better!

Helpful DIY Tips For Your Volleyball Shorts

You’ll be amazed to know how effortlessly you can redo your volleyball shorts into crinkle-free ones. Below is a list of some more tips you wish you knew earlier. What’s more? These methods can be used at home itself and do not need any sort of mastery. They will be easily available and quite cheap as replacements of new costlier shorts.

  • Use of elastic hem will certainly reduce the chances of your volleyball shorts riding up. They will become tight enough, but not too tight to trouble your
  • Fixing some polymer strips at the leg openings will help the shorts remain in
  • A Flat-felled seam will offer extra rigidity and introduce more structure to your playing shorts.
  • Attaching cable ties to the hem of your volleyball shorts. Cable ties are something that may already be present at your home. They are lightweight and cheaply available. Moreover, they can be easily bent and attached to your
  • Adding a layer of extra cloth or getting your shorts stitched with a doubled hem is surely useful. This will prevent your shorts from folding up while you move
  • Some players use hairspray to keep shorts from riding up.
  • Others will use tape to keep shorts down.

Hold Your Shorts On!

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of movement, with your clothes playing a vital role too. You certainly don’t want your shorts keeping you from being the great player that you are. Other than the above mentioned, there are multiple reasons why perfect volleyball shorts are more than just important.

Whenever you think of buying volleyball shorts, you can run a few checks to be sure. Reading the Volleyball Gear Guide product review is one great option. Besides, gaining surety about the right size and fabric for you is quite necessary. Do your homework and test different brands before making your final purchase.

Keep these 5 tips in mind to make sure your volleyball shorts don’t ride up. You will be able to perform in a much better way. After all, a little quality check does no harm if it can save you from future embarrassment. When it comes to playing volleyball, make sure your shorts help you win instead of hampering your performance!

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