Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Tape

You might have seen professional volleyball players wear white tape wrapped around their fingers. But what is it for? Injury prevention, of course!

Injuries happen unexpectedly and can be a major pain. Some injuries are more painful than others, but the best way to avoid future problems in volleyball is by taping up your fingers before they get hurt.

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in the first place! Finger tape provides protection for individuals who play sports like volleyball, where there might otherwise just be tears on skin surfaces, sprains, and stubbed fingers from repetitive motion stress injury. In this case it’s important not only that we heal quickly- our digits need some extra love too!

Finger tape is used specifically for finger injuries. That is why athletes playing sports that involve hand movements make use of this item.

Volleyball players make frequent use of finger tape because of how intensive their sport is. A volleyball player Spiking with all their strength is often liable to receive an injury. To ensure a balance between physical health and a great performance, volleyball finger tape is the way to go.

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What is Volleyball Tape?

Volleyball finger tape is a variety of athletic compression tape which can be combined with gauze lining for protection. It is used between the fingers and wrapped around for protection and healing. It can also be used as a preventive measure to ensure safety during extreme matches.

Volleyball tape may look uncomfortable and obtrusive, but in fact, it allows players to perform to their fullest potential. Like many other essential sporting supplies, finger tape is also a part of any sporting kit. It should not go unnoticed, however insignificant it may appear at first glance.

What is the Importance of Volleyball Finger Tape?

How exactly is finger tape used by volleyball players to up their game? This safety gear is mainly used for enhancing strength, protecting injuries, and preventing new injuries. The following are some of the reasons why finger tape is used by volleyball players.


By wrapping volleyball tape around their fingers, players ensure additional strength.

Playing volleyball requires hitting the hard surface of volleyballs with your fingers with immense speed and energy. And this activity is naturally straining.

Thus, a wrapping style known as buddy taping is often used. This technique involves taping two fingers together. As a result, players give support to each finger and reduce pressure on injuries.

Protection of Sprained Finger

Apart from prevention, finger taping is also necessary for the protection of healing injuries. It isn’t unlikely that an injured volleyball player has to play a match. While these situations are stressful, the match must go on!

And that is why finger tape becomes essential. Even with sprained fingers, practice and playing are unavoidable. However, without the right protection, you risk worsening the injury. The right way to continue playing is by taping the finger up.

When the injured finger is kept steady, it heals properly and gains more strength over time.

Reduce Bending

A more serious injury during volleyball is a bent finger. If the player hits the ball so hard that their finger bends too far back, it can be extremely painful. Not to mention, a broken finger can cost you a game, and even the season.

That is why ensuring that fingers remain straight is important. A player can lose track of such movements amidst a game, and that’s where finger tape can help.

When taped up properly, the finger can bend a good way backward without losing straightness. The technique used for this is criss-cross taping, and it saves players a great deal of pain.

Nail Protection

A sensitive area on our hands is the nail. For volleyball players, nail injuries are very common during a heated game. If you’ve ever stubbed your toe accidentally, you know how much it hurts. And for a sportsperson, even such minor injuries can be dangerous and demanding.

A broken or injured nail can be avoided thanks to finger tape. The technique used here is taping the base of the fingers to ensure the nail stays intact even under pressure.

How To Use Volleyball Finger Tape?

Finger taping clearly has many benefits. However, it also requires the right technique. Listed below are the ways to use finger tape for optimum results.

Keep in mind that whenever you are using finger tape, it is best to consult a professional. Talk to your trainer, coach, mentor, or doctor before going ahead with the procedure.

Taping for strength

To tape your fingers for strength, follow the given steps :

  • Place your hand on an even surface
  • Fold the gauze piece and place it in the middle of your fingers to minimize friction
  • Tightly press your fingers together
  • Wrap the tape around your fingers with an even pressure
  • Tape up to the second joint and make sure you can still bend the finger

Taping for Sprains

To tape fingers which are sprained or healing, follow the given steps :

  • Place your hand on an even surface
  • Wrap gauze around the injured finger
  • Wrap the finger tape around the gauze-covered finger
  • Ensure that the tape holds firmly and that there are at least 3-4 layers
  • Place small pieces of tape in between the joints for extra support

Taping to Reduce Bending

To reduce bending and keep the fingers in a straight position, follow the given steps :

  • Begin taping from the first joint of the finger, from the knuckle area
  • Wrap it diagonally over the knuckle
  • Once the entire finger has been wrapped, pull the tape under the finger
  • Cross it over the knuckle in the other direction, diagonally
  • Continue wrapping till you reach the top of the finger

Taping for Nail Protection

To ensure protection for your nails, follow the given steps :

  • Cut off about 3 inches of finger tape
  • Attach this strip from the top of the fingertip, on the skin area
  • Pull the tape over your nail and press it down on the nail
  • Cut off another piece of tape and wrap this piece all the way around the finger
  • Ensure that the nail is firmly secured in this position

Before using volleyball finger tape, make sure you know the right techniques for use. Always consult someone in-charge before applying tape on your own. And be sure to ask teammates no matter the positions on court for help during the taping process.

Since volleyball is a team sport, every player is valuable. (Some would argue the Libero is most important volleyball player.) Even a slight injury can cause major losses to the entire team. So keep in mind to protect yourself while practicing and playing to the best of your abilities!

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