Best Beach Volleyballs

Beach Volleyball is the beach version of the popular game of volleyball. An excursion to the beach is incomplete without it. The game is played between two teams on a sand court and is often the source of nail-biting excitement to both the players as well as the viewers.

To dive into the thrill of playing the game, all you need is a beach volleyball, and you are good to go. It is increasingly becoming an essential item on the beach shopping list of everyone. However, ordinary indoor volleyball would not work on the beach.

It is extremely important to choose the right ball to fully enjoy your game of beach volleyball. A number of balls are available in the market, and choosing one among them can be a tedious task for many.

So, to save you from the hassle of choosing the best beach volleyball, we are presenting a small buying guide which will surely save a lot of your shopping time.

Best beach volleyballs – 2022

1. GoSports Soft Touch Volleyball

GoSports Soft Touch VolleyballGet The Latest Price On The GoSports Soft Touch Recreational Volleyball

The GoSports Soft Touch Recreational Volleyball is one of the top tier balls engineered to own the beach with its unbreakable performance. Its premier performance, along with an affordable price tag, makes it a preferred choice for beach leagues and tournaments.

With some prominent features like hand-stitched panels, durable microfiber, finest all-weather materials, etc., the pro beach volleyball promises the dual benefits of performance and durability. Its microfiber surface is designed to endure the intense use by athletes while maintaining the shape and optimum air pressure to provide superior control.

The butyl bladder offers maximum air retention for best feel and performance. The well-designed grooves hold up against the wind and the sand. The design thus not only takes into account the look and feel apart but the flight characteristics and control as well.

To sum up, the GoSports Soft Touch Recreational Volleyball maximizes play and performance without breaking the bank.


  • Affordable price without compromise on quality and performance
  • Official weight and size for competitive tournaments
  • High Durability
  • Water-Resistant


  • No variants in color and design
  • The available mostly white-colored design can be hard to track in the sun.


2. Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball

The Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball has been made to meet the standards of AVP and as well as to exceed the expectations of the top competitors of the game. It weighs 0.27 kg and is a result of tireless innovation.

The AVP beach volleyball is a premium beach product promising some of the finest features. These like hand-sewn expert construction, which offers better hand control and wind resistance. It also has microfiber composite leather which helps in maintaining proper weight and feel. Moreover, there are superior graphics for improved ball spin detection and performance elastomer bladder that engages likable responsiveness promoting control, etc.

The beach volleyball is extremely easy to play in all weather conditions. Its soft feel makes for better rallies and enhanced control over every touch.


  • Well-designed deep grooves offer good hand control
  • Nice grip
  • Great resistance to dirt
  • Wind Resistant
  • Less moisture absorbency
  • Strong Durability
  • Contemporary Design


  • In case of a dark backdrop, the ball can be difficult to track


3. MIKASA VLS300 Beach Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The MIKASA VLS300 Beach Volleyball

The MIKASA VLS300 Beach Volleyball was the official beach volleyball of the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics. It weighs around 0.28 kg and comes with a warranty of three years.

The beach volleyball is equipped with a soft composite cover that offers better control. It is responsible for delivering improved control while passing and hitting the ball. The ball has also got the double cloth backing that brings superior water resistance and shapes retention.

The improved water resistance also provides for fewer weight fluctuations of the ball. Another noteworthy feature of the MIKASA VLS300 Beach Volleyball is its machine-stitched 10-panel design with fewer seams that makes it more durable and stronger during hard play. The butyl rubber bladder of the beach ball, along with a mini self-sealing valve, serves the purpose of maintaining air pressure needed for consistent play.

To conclude, the yellow, blue, and white patterned MIKASA beach volleyball makes an ideal choice for a good beach game on a sunny afternoon.


  • Offers great handling and control
  • Soft composite cover
  • Double cloth backing
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • High Durability


  • A bit heavier as compared to other balls
  • Gets slippery with sweat
  • Additional inflation is required for optimum performance


4. Molten FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The Molten FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyball

The Molten FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyball is the replacement of the Molten’s signature blue and yellow BV-5000 model. The ball is FIVB approved and is an official beach volleyball of NORCECA. Its official size and weight make it an ideal choice for a pro-style game anywhere and anytime. The ball is backed with a warranty for a year.

The machine-stitched panels composed of durable polyurethane is a characteristic feature of Molten FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyballs. It is responsible for the long-lasting softness of the ball.

The softer feel of the ball suits the higher number of repetitions often taken by the athlete in the game of beach volleyball. The cover construction of polyurethane also offers superior grip and durability. It absorbs less water, thereby offering more consistent performance, regardless of the conditions.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Molten FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyball has been designed to withstand the exclusive demand of elite competition in an outdoor beach environment.


  • Soft polyurethane composite cover
  • Superior Touch
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • High Durability
  • Approved by FIVB
  • Official size and weight


  • A bit slippery
  • Uneven panels


5. Molten Elite Beach Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The Molten Elite Beach Volleyball

The Molten Elite Beach Volleyball is the official outdoor Volleyball of USA Volleyball. It is manufactured by Molten USA Inc., which has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the sporting world. The company aspires to provide the highest quality and value to athletes throughout the world.

The Molten Elite beach volleyball weighs around 0.6 pounds and comes with a warranty of a year. A premium polyurethane cover that is hand-stitched. The cover adds to the reason for its ultimate superior touch and playability. It is also well designed to ensure maximum durability. The durability of the beach volleyball ensures that it can withstand the day to day demands of the elite competition of beach volleyball.

The red, blue, and white patterned Molten Elite Beach Volleyball comes in official weight and size and guarantees high performance irrespective of any weather conditions. It is the ultimate performance ball.


  • Soft polyurethane cover
  • Top-notch hand stitches
  • Superior soft and consistent touch
  • High Durability
  • Official size and weight
  • NORCECA Approved


  • Additional inflation is required for optimal performance


6. Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball

The Baden Lexum Composite Game Volleyball is one of the highly recommended volleyballs from Baden. The weight of the volleyball is 2 pounds, and the dimension is 10X10X10 inches. Both the size as well as weight is NFHS approved.

The Lexum Composite Game Volleyball by Baden offers a soft touch feel. Its long-lasting microfiber cover is paired with an ideal tack that offers maximum control to the players. Another remarkable feature of the volleyball includes its cotton wrapped butyl bladder. The butyl bladder is responsible for longevity and shape retention.

The color pattern of Lexum promises easily track flight. The players can easily pick up on the spin and direction of the flight path due to the easily recognizable color pattern of the volleyball. The valve system of the ball has been so minimized and softened that it becomes completely undetectable during the game.

All the above-described features of the Lexum Composite Game Volleyball make it the preferred choice of players. It promises loads of fun for both beginners and professionals on the hot summer days at the beach.


  • Soft-touch feel
  • Offers good grip even when wet
  • Incredibly Durable
  • Sting free valve
  • Available in 35 plus colors
  • Official size and weight
  • Exceptional microfiber cover


  • Requires additional inflation for optimal performance
  • Initially, the ball seems hard


7. Wilson – AVP Velocity Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The Wilson – AVP Velocity Volleyball

The Wilson AVP Velocity Volleyball is inspired by the official ball of the AVP tour. It is manufactured by the Wilson Sporting Goods. The weight of the ball is 0.45 kilograms, and the dimension is 8x8x8 inches.

The characteristic features of the Wilson AVP Velocity Volleyball include contemporary colors, traditional pattern design, soft, broken-in feel, long-lasting durability, etc. All these features help to enjoy the extended beach play.

The butyl rubber bladder of the volleyball is responsible for better air retention. All these features make the Wilson AVP Velocity Volleyball an ideal fit for any type of surface, be it exterior or interior.

It is due to all these features that the Wilson AVP Velocity Volleyball is the most preferred choice of pro beach volleyball players.


  • 18-panel construction ensuring high durability
  • Contemporary Design
  • Good wind resistance
  • Synthetic cover
  • Good spin detection
  • Cushioned inner layer
  • Soft play Technology
  • Ideal for both indoors as well as outdoors


  • It absorbs water easily


8. EVZOM Super Soft Beach Volleyball

EVZOM Super Soft Beach Volleyball

Get The Latest Price On The EVZOM Super Soft Beach Volleyball

The EVZOM Super Soft Beach Volleyball weighs around 0.58 pounds and has a dimension of 21 centimeters. It is suitable for the beach and other outdoor games as well.

It has a number of features that guarantee an exciting beach volleyball game. It has got a textured polyurethane cover which offers a soft touch and an additional grip to the players. The volleyball has stitched seams and has got a reinforcing cloth liner that aid in extended use and provide an ideal bounce. The rubber bladder of the ball is also cloth-wrapped, which adds into the overall energy and feel.

The soft coating of the EVZOM Super Soft Beach Volleyball lessens the impact on the hands of the players and thereby is considered an ideal source for beginners and recreational beach play.


  • Soft Touch
  • Great Feel
  • Affordable Price
  • Textured grip


  • Better for Outdoor use


9. Wilson AVP II Replica Beach Ball

Get The Latest Price On The Wilson AVP II Replica Beach Ball

The Wilson AVP II Replica Beach Ball is manufactured by Wilson. It is the premium replica version of the AVP official game ball.

It has got premium graphics, which helps in better spin detection. The synthetic leather cover of the volleyball is textured and pebbled, which is responsible for its enhanced durability and premium touch.

The optimal shape of the beach volleyball is maintained with the help of 18 paneled, machine sewn constructions.

The butyl rubber bladder provides for extended air retention. All these features contribute towards its high demand among the players of the beach volleyball.


  • Premium and Reliable Touch
  • Greater enhanced durability
  • Low Price
  • Textured grip
  • Spin Detection
  • Official ball size


  • Sometimes have issues in holding air
  • The texture of the ball sometimes traps sand


Final Verdict On The Best Beach Volleyball

The game of beach volleyball is a bit more supercharged as compared to other outdoor games. The volleyball of the beach game is also different from the ordinary indoor volleyball. They are slightly larger and lighter.

The light weight of the beach volleyball gives it the ability to flow more fluently across the air. All these differences call out for a different approach while buying the ball for a beach volleyball game.

Therefore, the team at Volleyball Gear Guide compiled the list of some of the finest best beach volleyball available in the market. One can choose an ideal ball for themselves on the basis of certain parameters like quality, price, size, brand, and the composing materials of the ball.

A number of such important characteristics of the various beach volleyballs are mentioned in the list curated above. You can choose the one that caters to your individual requirements. So, if you want to up your beach game on your next beach trip, do consider the options provided by us, and you will surely appreciate our choice.

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