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Volleyball is fast gaining prominence for its intense game sets volleyed between two hustling teams. Separated by the net height, the underplaying strategies against players and between teammates are a treat to watch. The most integral part of the game is, however, the volleyball, being lobbed across in tandem with spikes and blocks. Volleyballs are specifically designed for the sport, with appropriate volume, padding, and bounce to facilitate safe plays. In this brief guide, we are going to do a quick review of the best volleyball for your needs. Personal preferences play an important role in determining which volleyball suits your requirements. However, we are going to take into account a few other factors to help you make an informed decision.

Our Best Volleyball Recommendations


image of Molten Ballet Artificial No. 5

1.  Molten V5M3500 Official Size 5 Volleyball

The V5M3500 Size 5 model of Molten volleyball is an ideal volleyball for indoor matches or training. It has a color pattern commonly sported by many volleyballs, making it visible to sight even during speed passes.

The volleyball measures 21 cm in diameter, providing a well-structured grasp of the ball. The weight ranges from 260-280 g, which is well within the official size and weight for a standard volleyball. The volleyball is not too heavy nor too light to sway along with the influence of the wind.

The outer skin of the volleyball embodies polyurethane leather (PU leather) that is considerably durable than genuine leather. The laminated waterproof surface has a soft feel but a firm grip that conforms to every floor surface. 18-symmetric panels adorn the outer surface providing a stable flight path when the ball gets volleyed.

The dual-layered butyl bladder allows secure air storage that stabilizes the bounce of the ball. Being nylon wound implies its durability even when it is subject to rigorous spiking for longer intervals.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Good for practice
  • PU leather surface provides a firm grip on all floors
  • Long-lasting


There are no such complaints

Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball

2.  Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball

The Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball is similar to the Size 5 version in a few aspects. The VBU12 volleyball is also an ideal fit for indoor training and matches. Originating in Thailand, the manufacturing process involves 100% genuine materials.

Weighing approx. 200-200 g and measuring about 62-64 cm in its circumference, the Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball conforms to official size and weight. Its smaller size and lighter weight allow the use of volleyball in kids’ practice without any worries.

The outer layer of the volleyball comprises of soft synthetic leather (PU) that gives a plush yet comfortable-to-play feel. The volleyball gets effectively used in intense club training without being considered as too light or small.

The Molten VBU12 model features 18 evenly placed panels that furnish easy grip for faster movements. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and meeting all safety standards, the laminated volleyball ensures a firm grip on smooth surfaces.

The inner butyl bladder provides immense support in the form of adequate bounce to keep the ball in consistent motion.


  • Best suited for junior high students
  • Safe playing ball
  • Furnishes a firm grasp due to smaller size
  • Does not get dirty or scratched easily


  • None as such

image of Mikasa MVA 300 Ballon de volley-ball Multicolore Taille 5

3.  Mikasa MVA 300

If you are looking for a volleyball made for intense competitions, then the Mikasa MVA 300 is your ideal pick. The quality of the MVA 300 falls just short of the MVA 200, but it certainly meets all FIVB standards.

The MVA 300 weighs 260-280 g and measures about 65-67 cm in circumference, thus conforming to official volleyball standards. The density of the volleyball provides a wholesome feel when leaving the hand. The action, in turn, boosts the confidence of making consistent catches and approaches during heightened gameplay at each volleyball position.

The outer layer of the MVA 300 develops from a combination of original microfiber and polyurethane leather. This merger of two high-quality materials consecutively reflects high-grade performance from the volleyball.

In addition to the 8-panel flower pattern on the surface, the MVA 300 employs the single Dimple impression. The colored panels support visibility, and the single dimple impression furnishes stable air flight by reducing friction and offers a firmer grip.

The MVA 300 is a preferable choice to practice the basics of volleyball and is a strong contender for Olympic consideration.


  • Ideal for pros as well as beginners
  • The dimple impression allows better handling in-game
  • The ball stays clean and scratch-free longer


  • A few imperfections around the seam

image of Mikasa VQ2000 Micro Cell Volleyball

4.  Mikasa VQ2000 Micro Cell Volleyball

A fascinating training companion for all your volleyball needs, the Mikasa VQ2000 is a prominent hot-selling model. Even though it is just a ball, the satisfaction of playing a fueling game with impeccable serves and tight spikes seeps through.

The VQ2000 Micro Cell volleyball measures approx. 20 cm in diameter and weighs about 260-280g, satisfying the official standards. The prime reason for its fame as a competition game ball is due to the True Shape Accu-Balance technology. The rugged makeover of the volleyball is perfectly capable of retaining its shape no matter the battering it faces.

The outer cover of the VQ2000 is composed of a Micro-cell composite cover that lends leathery softness and firm grip. The response factor of the ball during the game is the most appreciated aspect of the Micro-cell Cover.

The durability holds strong due to the airlock butyl bladder, with a cotton wrapped structure. Optimal inflation renders the ball a bouncy mass, perfect for some non-stop volleyball action. The VQ2000 is not a competition-grade ball merely for the convenient features it possesses.

The Size 5 Mikasa model is yet another feather in the cap for the manufacturing giant, considering the consistency in quality products.


  • Initial use reflects the improvement in ball handling, setting, and serving
  • It is reasonably priced
  • The soft leather allows the ball to stay true
  • The quality response is a given with the grip and contact of the ball


  • The ball density keeps the ball from bouncing and limits easy handling

image of Baden Perfection Leather Volleyball

5.  Baden Perfection Leather Volleyball

The recent flagship volleyball for Baden, the Perfection Leather Volleyball, guarantees a quality better than perfect. The backing of an exclusive 2-year warranty and the extensive reputation of the ball speaks for itself.

The official court ball for the AVCA, the volleyball, is studded with numerous performance-enhancing features. Conforming with the official volleyball size and weight standards, the Baden Perfection gets designed bearing the athletes in mind. It gets approved by the NFHS and gets built for all-purpose indoor gameplay.

The outer layer employs hand-picked leather embossed with a tanning process that reduces the sting every time you hit the ball. Performance and durability go hand-in-hand with the upgraded design.

As for the butyl bladder, it is constructed from the lightest materials and blended with cotton to ensure shape retention. The bladder itself gets built soundly to retain air and provide an integrated performance.

The added incentive is the recessed soft-valve system that stealthily hides the valve for accuracy with every hit. Being laminated and waterproof merely adds brownie points in its favor.


  • The quality and texture are great
  • The ball plays wonderfully on all surfaces
  • It gives a good feel in-hand during plays
  • The outer leather layer is thick and still feels soft


  • The perfection leather covering is stiff
  • Not suitable for small children

image of MIKASA V330W Volleyball

6.  MIKASA V330W

In a bid to raise the standard of volleyball, Mikasa aims to integrate athletic passion with the best technology in every ball that it manufactures. The MIKASA V330W is the cumulative effort of such ideals, a club version of the prestigious Olympic volleyball.

Featuring official weight and size standards, the V330W gets designed for high-octane indoor competitions. The volleyball features embellishments with bright colors to sustain visibility during the rush hours.

The outer layer consists of synthetic PU leather that provides a smooth finish and superior flightpath. The ball features the 8-panel symmetry for a quick and firm grip. Receiving and adding spin to the turns is simple, with the sound finger-grip on the outer surface.

The butyl rubber bladder is lightweight, being a nylon-wound, which formulates a softer touch to every ball pass.

Additionally, the V330W gets shown sporting a self-sealing Mikasa valve that never imposes its presence during a game. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) approved sporty volleyball is a prime preference for all competition needs.


  • Functional replica of a professional-grade volleyball
  • Soft-touch and good grip
  • Easy to control and set
  • Quality for money


  • A little heavy on the arms

image of Molten Super Touch Volleyball

7.  Molten Super Touch Volleyball

The Molten Super Touch Volleyball represents the NCAA Women’s Championships as the official volleyball. Further, it holds the honor of representation even in collegiate programs, conferences, and sports events across the nation.

The Super Touch volleyball conforms to the official volleyball weight and size standards. The approval of the NFHS backed by the exclusive 2-year warranty vocalizes the standard of quality.

Ideal for indoor use, the outer cover of the volleyball is a premium Japanese leather cover that furnishes consistent touch randomly. The genuine leather covering requires a considerable break-in period to develop a familiar feel for daily play.  An excellent indoor volleyball.

The uni-bladder gets encapsulated by a cotton wrap that provides optimal performance with superior durability. The designing of the Super Touch volleyball enables steady pressure imbibition to cater to the rough competition routines.

The Super Touch Volleyball guarantees exceptional quality performance in every game, a standard that is easy to take for granted.


  • Excellent quality
  • Expensive but worth its value
  • Good feel to the ball
  • It has considerable room for control


  • The ball is hard as a rock initially

image of Spalding TF-VB5 White

8.  Spalding TF-VB5 Volleyball

A premier volleyball manufacturer, Spalding captures the spotlight with its TV-VB5 series of indoor oriented volleyballs. Even in the indoor category, the TV-VB5 is a premium grade ball that is NHFS approved.

The volleyball conforms to official standards of size and weight and is available in a plethora of colors. The TF-VB5 brings to the court gameplay incorporating the credibility of a professional-grade volleyball.

The outer layer features a Japanese leather cover that is soft to touch yet offers adequate grip in tight situations. The easy to handle cushioning ensures a pleasant time spiking and lobbying the volleyball.

The inner bladder comprises a floating butyl bladder snugly wrapped in a 2-layer soft cloth lining. The V-seam calibration furnishes smoother playability, and the 2-ply lining ensures increased structural integrity of the ball. The combination of these traits enables longevity of the performance and efficiency expected from the volleyball.

A few diverging innovations bundled in the TV-VB5 uplift the general quality of the volleyball performance.


  • The 2-layered soft cloth provides sufficient cushioning
  • Easy to set up the ball
  • Firm grip during serves and spikes
  • A better feel for the ball


  • The leather cover peels within a short period of use

image of WILSON I COR Power Touch Indoor Volleyball (Scarlet)

9.  Wilson I COR Power Touch Indoor Volleyball

Wilson is a famed manufacturer of volleyball and also the official volleyball representing the AVP Pro Beach volleyball tour. It is no surprise that all the balls manufactured by them are play approved by the NFHS and USA Volleyball Associations.

Featuring latex-power lining the best indoor volleyballs conform to official volleyball measurement standards. The latex lining streamlines the ball in its flightpath for better stability in the heat of the moment throws.

The outer cover of the ball comprises of Microfiber composite leather cover, lending a smooth feel in hand. The I-COR Power Touch features the patented I-COR technology that enhances the velocity and improves general player control. The main priority of this incorporated technology is to reinforce power and performance in every gameplay.

Additionally, the V-seams tailored into the ball relate to a stable affability that enables sufficient bounce throughout the game.


  • Remarkable quality for the price
  • Genuine delivery of the product
  • Good for beginners
  • Works well outdoors
  • Tough skin that feels good


  • Ordered this but received another model
  • Air leak issues

image of MIKASA V200W

10.  Mikasa V200W

The revealing and acceptance of the famed Mikasa V200W took place on a grand scale, and it is easy to see why. The volleyball completely incorporates the tagline of sporting innovation in every aspect of its features.

The soon-to-be-Olympic grade volleyball conforms to official standards of size and weight. As an upgrade to the MVA 200, the V200W also sports an 18-panel hand-laminated design. The dramatic aerodynamic uplift brought to the game is a much-appreciated feature.

The balanced design provides ideal control to the players, thereby improving the game flow. The outer cover furnishes a cushioned feel with the double-dimpled microfiber composite cover. The flightpath curated once the ball leaves the player’s hands gets attained without any deviations.

Additionally, the anti-sweat nano balloon silica layer keeps the ball dry for longer, enabling lengthy and intensive gameplay. The quality of the volleyball is approved by the FIVB after rigorous and stringent protocols to obtain a masterpiece.


  • Much better visibility
  • Ideal for pros and average skill levels
  • Easy-grip
  • An increased number of panels offers a natural setting
  • Ball density allows it to stay on course and not deviate much


  • Feels the same as the previous version but with a different pattern

Endnotes On These Top Volleyball Balls

The three main pointers to keep in mind concerning volleyball purchases are the measurements, outer shell, and ball bladder. Extra features that come in tandem are most welcome. However, ensure to compare similar models based on these main characteristics.

You can tell a lot about the volleyball merely by paying attention to the building blocks of the best volleyball ball. Personal skills and preferences do pave a way in selecting the most suitable volleyball for you. 

Keep this guide handy anytime you want to go through a quick volleyball review. 

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