10 Best Women’s Volleyball Shorts

Best Women's Volleyball Shorts

A light-weighted ball, a volleyball net at a specific height, and two enthusiastic teams. Volleyball, since its creation in the late 1800s, has been building its reputation for competitive play and recreation. 

Known for being a high-energy game, it becomes important to choose sportswear which provides outstanding maneuverability and ease. Wearing proper volleyball shorts are essential as they can boost your performance.

The best volleyball shorts should be long-lasting and comfortable while keeping you flexible during all movements.

If volleyball is more than a casual sport for you, then the following list will help you pick the right shorts for your next game. Here are our recommendations for the best volleyball shorts for women.

Our Women’s Volleyball Shorts Recommendations

1.  Nike Women’s Performance Game Shorts- 3.75” Inseam

Nike Women’s Performance Short delivers flexible as well as a comfortable fit. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling dry and cool throughout the match. It has a lined inseam gusset made up of 100% polyester which supports high-intensity movements.

The elastic waistband stretches to give you a perfect fit and the 3.75″ inseam allows ease of movement and ample coverage. These Nike volleyball shorts offer maximum stretch without any discomfort so that players can give their best performance.

The body fabric is made up of 82% Dri-Fit polyester and 18% spandex. The blend of polyester and spandex allow players to squat and shuffle during serves and spikes. Nike’s trademarked Dri-Fit fabric helps you to stay cool and dry as it wicks away sweat from the skin. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those who have sensitive skin and experience skin irritation easily.

From extra small-XS to double XL- XXL, these shorts come in all standard sizes. Following are the colours in which they are available: Black, Anthracite, Gorge Green, Navy, Royal, Purple, Maroon, Crimson and University Red. The embroidered Swoosh design is present at the lower left side.


  • Ease of movement
  • Durable
  • No skin irritation


  • No pockets
  • Expensive
  • Limited colour options

2.  IABMFG Premium Woman’s Compression Booty Shorts- 3” Inseam

These premium shorts have been uniquely designed and engineered in Northern California. The cloth material is light and gives uncompromising support.

This new IABMFG short is great for minimum distraction movement while retaining advanced functionality and stability. It has a 3-inch inseam which offers length and protection. Even during rigorous moves, everything stays in place.

It features Keiryō fabric technology that promotes sweat-wicking and four-way stretch. The four-way stretch fabrication enhances mobility for a full range of motion. The blend of polyester and spandex makes it a bit smoother and softer. In addition to this, the fabric is breathable as well.

These shorts also have body-slimming properties and offer light compression. Light compression gear intensifies jumping performance and improves perceived exertion.

Apart from volleyball, they can be worn for Yoga, running and Crossfit workouts as well.

They come in all standard sizes. Compared to Nike Game shorts, these shorts have more range of colours- Black Abstract, Tropical Pink, Black Snakeskin, Sky Blue, Baby Blue Snakeskin, Blue Stars, Royal Blue Heather, Safari, Tropical Sea Foam, etc.


  • Lightweight compression
  • Silky soft texture
  • Four-way stretch


  • Expensive
  • Short shorts are going to ride up a bit
  • Not suitable for plus-sized female athletes

3.  Mizuno Women’s Flat Front Shorts- 2 3/4” Inseam

The Mizuno Women’s Flat Front Short has incorporated Mizuno’s Drylite Technology. This US-based technology is known to provide rapid evaporation along with comfort.

These regular-fit shorts have become a popular choice among female players as there is no front or back seam in the shorts. The absence of the centre seam prevents them from riding up.

The body fabric is made up of 88% Mizuno Drylite Micro-Fiber Polyester in addition with 12% Spandex. The elastic waistband is stretchable, tall and wide. The flexible design enables the waistband to flip over conveniently. The length of the inseam stands at 2 3/4 inch which doesn’t role up during any range of motion.

The tagless care label, further, makes them a smoother wear. Despite being made up of premium quality, these flat-front volleyball shorts are budget-friendly. Unfortunately, Mizuno Women’s Flat Front Shorts are currently available only in two colours – Navy and Black. The Mizuno Runbird logo is present on the left side.


  • Seamless Spandex
  • Comfortable waistband
  • Affordable


  • Not readily available
  • Limited colour options

4.  Mizuno Low Rider Volleyball Short- 2 3/4” Inseam

The Low Rider Volleyball Shorts are Mizuno’s bestselling sportswear. The use of flatlock sewing technique makes these shorts considerably unique. The inside of the garment displays no double thickness at the seams, hence, reducing the possibility of chafing.

Low Rider shorts too hold Drylite Technology. These technical fabrics take moisture away from the body, enabling a quick cool-off. The special yarn and fabric structure makes it breathable and durable.

The body fabric is composed of 92% Mizuno Drylite Micro-fiber Polyester with 8% Spandex. The elastic waistband is stretchable but not wide. These are low rise shorts and worn below the natural waistline. The length of the inseam stands at 2 3/4 inch, same as that of Mizuno’s Flat Front short. Likewise, this activewear also has a tagless care label.

These volleyball shorts are cheaper than Mizuno’s Flat Front shorts, another reason why it has become a top-selling product. Moreover, they are available in colours like Red, Shocking Pink, Forest, Purple, Black, Navy, Orange, etc.


  • Durable
  • More colour options
  • Cheaper


  • In a competitive market, the colour options are still limited.

5.  Adidas Alphaskin Volleyball Short Tights- 4” Inseam

Made from stretchy fabric, Adidas Alphaskin Short Tights are close-fitting shorts. The smooth fabric wraps the body for support and presents a locked-in feel. Every jump and dive feels certain and comfortable when you wear these shorts. Furthermore, the fabric is super-stretchy.

The pre-curved waistband is another plus point as it flexes with the player’s movement. They raise performance by staying in place, therefore, eliminating the need for constant adjustment. With less distraction you stay more focused on the match.

These shorts also include 360° Kinect construction with liner warping seams. Such seams provide optimal and ergonomic support. The body fabric constitutes 85% polyester and 15% elastane single jersey.

Alphaskin Short Tights are special tights and have earned a reputation for being eco-friendly. Adidas uses recycled polyester for making this activewear. These are perfect for environment conscious players who do not wish to leave any carbon footprint.

Although they are adequately short, tight and flexible, the colour range might be a disappointment. Some of the common colours being- Black, White, Burgundy, Maroon, Purple, Dark Green and Power red.


  • Compression fit for improved performance
  • Pre-curved elastic waist


  • Expensive
  • Not widely available

6.  Mizuno Victory Volleyball Short- 3.5″ Inseam

As a sports brand, Mizuno has definitely earned a place with its versatile range of products which are not merely a part of the hype-cycle. This is the reason why we are making a third Mizuno recommendation.

The Victory Short is known as “Mizuno’s Best Volleyball Short”. There are multiple reasons why it has won such a reputation in the market.

Firstly, the cloth used is beyond any regular fabric. It is Mizuno’s top-of-the-line fabric. It is soft, supportive and lightweight- a combination which is always hard to find. Players experience flexibility as well as sturdiness with each flex.

The body fabric is made up of 92% Polyester in addition with 8% Spandex. The design features a 3.5-inch inseam and a broad waistband for superior comfort. Equipped with flat front closures around the waist and sides of the leg, these shorts offer a reliable, non-restrictive fit that encourages swift movements on the court.

Unlike the previous two Mizuno shorts, Victory Volleyball Short is expensive. These shorts come in the following shades: Royal, Red, Navy, Black/Diva Blue and Charcoal.


  • Flatlock gusset upscales mobility on the court
  • Supportive and lightweight design promotes quick adjustments on the fly
  • Wide waistband is super comfortable


  • Expensive

7.  Tough Mode Apparel Women’s Athletic Shorts- 3″ Inseam

These Athletic Shorts are good at multitasking. Tough Mode Apparel Athletic Shorts are not only suitable for volleyball but also for running, Crossfit workout and MMA related activities.

These shorts fit perfectly on the body without creating much distraction. The functional-active fabric upgrades it to an advanced workout short. Unlike mesh, the cloth material in this product is not see-through. The matt finish gives it a premium look, making the curves of the body more prominent.

The body fabric is made up of 85% Polyester in addition with 15% Spandex. No doubt it is stretchable and compressional.

These shorts are perfect for those players who like bold shades and patterns. The solid-coloured shorts are slight compression shorts, while patterned ones are thick fabric compression shorts. Both are perfect for the purpose of a good workout. However, the range of sizes is not very inclusive.


  • All-purpose short (Running, Yoga, High-intensity workouts)
  • Available in bold shades and patterns
  • Perfect for those players who prefer matt finish
  • Not that expensive


  • Plus-sized players might not find their fit
  • These shorts are not readily available

8.  Intensity Women’s Fashion Ace Shorts- 2.5″ Inseam

Intensity Fashion Ace Shorts might be hard to spot but their quality has always been appreciable. These shorts give a compressed fitting without causing annoyance or uneasiness.

Along with the ruched back yoke, the low rise compression provides a suitable fit for the wearer. Such small features are not just flattering, but functional as well. If you desire a fashionable edge on the court while you show your best moves, then this product will be a great option.

Women’s Fashion Ace short with 2.5″ inseam is made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

Other characteristics include flatlock seam or a no-front seam that reduces chafing. The fabric has an anti-microbial quality, which sustains proper hygiene. Colours in which you can flaunt these shorts are Black, Black/Lime, Gun Metal, Gunmetal/Pink and Navy.


  • Provides compression fit
  • Reduced amount of chafing due to the flatlock seam
  • Fabric is anti-microbial in nature


  • This brand is hard to find in the market
  • Not many colours to choose from

9.  Augusta Sportswear Women’s 1227-c- 3” Inseam

Augusta Sportswear Shorts are fully reversible shorts that can give you two looks in one purchase. It is pleasing for both eyes and the body.

These shorts have an elastic closure and a low-rise fit. Besides, it successfully wicks away the sweat from the body. It also has an odour-resistant printed outer shell featuring mesh print.

Augusta Sportswear Short with 3″ inseam is manufactured from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The waistband is flat and wide which gives a firm fit to the player.

No front seam adds to the comfort while the double-needle hemmed bottom creates a U-shaped gusset. This is how the designers have strived to go for some extra support.

The combination of colours is few but exceptionally vibrant. Black Plexus Print/Power Pink, Lime Plexus Print/Power Blue, Navy Plexus Print/Power Yellow, Power Pink Plexus Print/Purple, Power Yellow and Plexus Print/Power Pink are few hues that are sold by the Augusta Sportswear.


  • Two in one, Fully reversible shorts
  • Flexible waistband
  • U-shaped gusset upscales comfort
  • Available in vibrant, energetic colours


  • None as such

10.  HDE Women’s Workout Shorts- 4” Inseam

HDE Women’s Workout Shorts are colourful workout shorts that are trendy and will flatter your body curves. They are high-waisted active bottoms with tummy control design. The wide waistband contours and slims down the figure in a flattering form.

HDE Short with 4″ inseam offers maximum coverage and is manufactured from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. These shorts are not at all flimsy.

The material used is breathable, sweat-wicking and dries out quickly. Moreover, the combination of the 4-way stretchy spandex and lycra makes it a squat-friendly short.

You can wear these active bottoms for your volleyball matches as well as for the gym. The HDE designers have also provided a hidden zippered pocket in the waistband where you can store your keys or cards.

These shorts are available in modern prints. Some of the vibrant shades are Blue Snake Print, Blue Tie Dye, Neon Reptile and Pink Paint Splatter.


  • These shorts are ultra stretchy spandex
  • Helps in underlining your curves
  • These are high-waisted active bottoms with tummy control design
  • 4″ inseam allows ease of movement and sufficient coverage


  • These shorts are expensive

Best Volleyball Shorts End Notes

The best volleyball shorts should be durable, comfortable, and support a wide range of movement while keeping you dry at the same time. What you wear during volleyball practices and games will have a deep impact on your performance.

To buy the best shorts, female volleyball players should keep the following factors in mind: Brand, material, length, level of comfort and cost.

Typically, volleyball shorts are fabricated from spandex fused with either nylon or polyester. High amounts of spandex used in the production indicate that the shorts will be more stretchable. The length is also one of the most critical aspects when choosing the right volleyball shorts. Some players prefer longer shorts while others go for shorter ones.

Today, there are many reputable and well-known brands that understand how to blend comfort and performance in their products. Do not buy inferior quality clothing as it may lower down your agility and game.

Why do female volleyball players wear short shorts?

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