what is the liberos job in volleyball - Volleyball Gear Guide

What Is The Liberos Job In Volleyball?

Volleyball is an action-packed game where the opposing teams do their best to not let the ball touch the ground. The rallies become intense with every setting as the ball goes whipping past the net, either blocked or bumped again. There are six central positions on the volleyball team, the most debatable being the libero. […]

how to wash volleyball knee pads

How To Wash Volleyball Kneepads

Sportspeople who spend vast amounts of time on court/on-field will concur with one aspect of the sport, Febreze. It is the one essential tool able to stay on par with all the sweat and grime of the game. More often than not, the sports gear is left unattended, receiving little to no attention after use. […]

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers?

If you’ve ever played sports or seen professional volleyball matches, you’ve noticed the pieces of white tape wrapped around players’ fingers. To a layman, it might seem odd, but finger tape is an important part of sports. It plays a big role in first-aid and long-term healing. Finger tape is used specifically for finger injuries. […]

5 tips to keep your volleyball shorts from riding up

5 Tips To Keep Your Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up

Volleyball shorts are mostly made of spandex fabric that usually sticks to your skin. However, the shorts can get scrunched up to the crotch area. This not only makes you uncomfortable but can also cause rashes on your thighs. You cannot keep pulling your shorts down while playing. It will totally break your concentration in […]

what do volleyball players wear under spandex

What Do Volleyball Players Wear Under Spandex?

Spandex shorts are usually preferred by sportsmen and athletes as this material does not restrict movement. Physical activities like sports and workouts demand clothing that can let the body easily move in all directions. Spandex is one such fabric that is extremely flexible and does not hamper body motion. Are you a volleyball player and […]

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Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short?

Volleyball is an engaging sport to watch and a stimulating one to play. Despite this, a common question that is raised by both viewers and players alike is- why are volleyball shorts so short? While some people argue that the reason behind this is utilitarian, others disagree. The latter group believes that the shortness of […]