How to bet on Volleyball

Volleyball is worse in popularity than hockey, football, and basketball, but it has a large audience despite this. Volleyball attracts spectators and spectators with a dynamic and intense game that takes place in a limited area.

This sport did not become widespread, as high growth is required for a professional game, but still, it boasts great popularity among players. Bookmakers offer games before volleyball or live volleyball.

History Of Volleyball

Since 1947, the International Volleyball Federation has been active. The next year the first European Championship was held, and two years later, the first World Championship was held, and since 1964 volleyball has been included in the Summer Olympics. 

The United States is considered the birthplace of volleyball. At the beginning of the sport was William J. Morgan, who taught physical exercise at the College of the Young Christian Association in Massachusetts.

The original form of volleyball is significantly different from the game we see now. Initially, the number of touches and players on the court was not limited. Points were only counted on your serving, and you must score 21 points for the game.

The formation of a modern sport took place during the first half of the 20th century. During this period, the number of touches was reduced to three and the number of players on the court to 6 from each team. The height of the grid has been changed, and the current size of the site has been fixed.

The rules of the game are constantly improving. Among the modern innovations, you can highlight the network’s touch, the shovel, the advertising break after 8 and 16 points. Before each tournament, it is important to learn about any innovations. 

Betting on volleyball – The Easy Way

Bookies accept volleyball bets on the same bets as in hockey, basketball, and many other bets. Although the prices are similar, volleyball has its nuances. 

Betting Results 

The most common type of bet is to determine the winner of the match. The winner of the match is determined by the best of the five rules. To win the game, you must win in three sets. Each set goes up to 25 points for one of the teams.

How to bet on VolleyballThere is no draw in volleyball, both in the set and in the match. The score in the set can be 24-24, and then the winner is determined in the continued draw of the game until he takes a two-point advantage: 28:26, 29:27 and so on. If the score in the match is 2: 2 insets, the fifth game is played in an abbreviated version – up to 15 points.

The absence of a draw makes the line for the result simple and uncomplicated: there are only two results, W1 and W2. 

Total Number Of Bets (Tb / Tm)

Total bets are one of the most common bets in volleyball. Bookmakers offer to determine the number of points in a set, throughout the match, or by specific athletes. Bettor determines the minimum number and chooses whether more or fewer points are scored. 

Odd Evenly

Odd-even bet – a variety of bets on the match total. The popularity among players is unknown, as it is quite difficult to guess the even and odd sum. 

Volleyball Handicap Betting 

Handicap games are one of the most common in volleyball. You can bet with a minus or minus on the total points in the set, end result, or statistics. The spread of handicaps in volleyball is very large, leading to bookmakers making mistakes when choosing a favorite. 

Live Games

All of the above bets are suitable for both bets before the match and live. Volleyball is one of the leaders in live betting. In this case, the player has all the analysis before the match at his disposal and sees how the game develops, making it possible to adjust the prices.

In the list of bookmakers, you can also find the bet on the balance, i.e. the account in the set is 24:24. Bet on a tie-break in a match, choose the right set or make long-term bets. The latter includes the selection of the winner of a particular tournament. 

Betting Strategies for Volleyball

Profitable betting is a symbiosis of a well-chosen strategy for managing a gaming bank, analyzing sporting events and a little luck. In the betting world, there areBetting on Volleyball - Volleyball Gear Guide no win-win strategies, but you can always minimize the risks.

There are two common betting strategies in volleyball: total and middle class.

In the first case, there is a recommendation to choose a sum based on the opponents’ strength. If there are two equal opponents: the national team in Brazil and Italy, it is very likely that the match will be tense and will beat TB in sets. If there is an outsider and a favorite, you should take the lower amount. It is recommended to choose a tournament with a low percentage of sensational results to play this strategy.

If you are planning on attending a tournament to play in the near future, be sure to download our Volleyball Tournament Checklist.

The second type of profitable strategy is a corridor. You will find out how to place it in the hallway further. For this type of bank management, you must have accounts with 8-10 bookmakers. There are special services that find prices that fit this strategy. 

What Is the Right Way to Bet on Volleyball? 

Volleyball is not the hardest sport to predict, which is why professional players love it. If you choose a match for analysis, you must take into account the following four factors: the level of the opponents, team statistics, game schedule, and motivation.

Each team has a main attacking player who gets 20 or more points per match. Before we bet, we check the team’s composition and the form of the most valuable player in the team.

In the analysis test, it is important to consider the match’s average number of outs, blocks, and failed services. We look not only at the team statistics but also at the players’ indicators.

Team motivation and game schedule are important measures. Not all tournaments are moral and important. If a decisive match or an important tournament awaits, the favorite team can play with the reserve squad or not in full force.  

Features of Betting on Volleyball Matches 

Individual players play an important role in volleyball. This applies to the main attacking player and Libero (passer). It is these positions that decide the course of the match. At least that is what we believe at Volleyball Gear Guide.

You should not bet on an outsider’s victory in the set if the leader is 5-7 points behind. In volleyball, it is not uncommon for a team to win back up to 10 points on a serve. For the same reason, you cannot bet on -10.5 handicap during the set, even if the score is 5-15 or something similar.

From the statistical regularities, it is worth marking the loss of the third set of the favorite with the score of 2: 0 in his favor. This rule can be used and bet on outside victory in the third set.

The volleyball club’s calendar is rich. In addition to domestic tournaments, there are European cups where the victory is valued higher. The favorite can sacrifice domestic play in preparation for the European Cup match. It is important to keep track of the match schedule, the team’s motivation, and the position. 

Where to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is a spectacular sport. Games with the participation of clubs and national teams are seen by a large number of TV viewers and spectators in the stands. 

The discipline is also popular with bookmakers. There will be no problems with the choice of the bookmaker, as volleyball is in line with all companies, except for those who specialize in e-sports.
November 8th, 2021

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