Best Volleyball Knee Pads

Have you ever been in the middle of an intense game, just one point away from winning it all? Do you remember the feeling of adrenaline and the desire to put it all on the line? Have you ever overlooked even your own safety to get that winning point?

These are some common emotions for any committed athlete to experience. For volleyball players as well, a game can get intense enough to wear out the player’s body. Dives and skids are especially hard on a player’s knees, and injuries are not uncommon.
Best Volleyball Knee Pads
Jumping up high and diving down low to get the ball are crucial moments in any game. And at these moments, every athlete needs the right gear to back them up.

Choosing the right equipment is an important decision for a sportsperson. The right gear can often be what makes or breaks the match. Making a hasty decision can impact your game and your fitness in the long-run.

Before buying any equipment, you should know what your needs are. With your best volleyball knee pads requirements in mind, consult various options. After a thorough analysis, pick the gear that’s right for you.

Our Best Volleyball Knee Pad Recommendations

image of McDavid 646R Volleyball Knee Pads Black Medium

1.  McDavid 646R Volleyball Knee Pads

The McDavid 646R Volleyball Knee Pads are a great choice for any passionate volleyball player. They ensure comfort and safety for the user and are guaranteed to support you during your match.

The McDavid64R knee pads are open at the back. This is an additional feature that allows for maximum comfort. With an open back, you can experience increased flexibility and have fewer obstructions as you move. With greater agility, your performance will naturally be enhanced. Not to mention, the open back of the McDavid64R prevents sweat accumulation from causing any discomfort.

These knee pads are built with ½” thick energy absorption foam to protect your knees from injury. Volleyball is a rigorous sport that demands quick dives that may lead to injuries without adequate protection. The energy absorption foam will absorb shocks and protect players from direct contact with hard surfaces.

The McDavid 64R knee pads come with a Teflon coating for increased durability. Protective gear is constantly facing wear and tear. Thus, one of the main requirements is longevity. A player expects not only protection but also long-lasting reliability from their gear. And the McDavid 64R Volleyball Knee Pads deliver exactly this.


  • Open-back feature for maximum comfort
  • ½” thick energy absorption foam for protection
  • Highly durable with Teflon coating


  • Sizing might be inconsistent
  • Hardness of the knee pad might cause discomfort for beginners

image of Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads Low Rise 6

2.  Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads Low Rise 6″ LR6

With kneepads, the grip is an important factor. The last thing a player needs to worry about is their protective gear falling off mid-jump. The Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads are specialized to prevent any unease, with a unique no-fold design. This design ensures that the knee pads don’t slip down while walking, running, or playing.

In addition to their solid grip, the Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads provide complete protection to your patella. There is minimal risk to the knee because it is entirely covered. With the right gear, players can make deep dives and skids without endangering their physical well-being.

These kneepads are highly comfortable for the wearer, made with a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. These materials are both flexible and offer a tight grip. In case players have an aesthetic concern, these knee pads also come in black and white color options. The appropriate option can be chosen to match team uniforms and other gear.

The Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads also come in 3 sizes, suitable to the player’s exact size. Young athletes in school can go for small or medium sizes. At the same time, older athletes playing at the high school or college level might prefer the larger size.


  • Tight grip to avoid slippage
  • Complete patella protection
  • Cotton, polyester, and spandex blend for increased flexibility


image of Under Armour Adult Strive 2.0 Volleyball Knee Pad

3.  Under Armour Unisex-Adult Strive 2.0

The Under Armour Unisex-Adult Strive 2.0 is another great option for volleyball players. This knee pad comes with an efficient design for maximum support.

The circular knitting design of the knee pad is durable as well as comfortable. For volleyball players who are constantly on their feet, fatigue can be a major issue. Protective gear that goes the extra mile can be a game-changing addition to any athlete’s equipment.

The EVA foam on the Under Armour Unisex-Adult Strive 2.0 is double the density of normal padding. The sleek construction offers protection while also ensuring flexibility. With some knee pads, movement may become difficult due to thick protective layers. A knee pad that is built to allow free activity is perfectly suitable for the sport of volleyball.

It is composed of 100% polyester. This allows for sweat to dry fast and prevents discomfort. For a sportsperson, hygiene is also a major concern. Since it can be easily machine washed, this knee pad helps athletes exert themselves while maintaining optimum hygiene.

The composition is perfect for enhanced grip as well as flexibility. Most volleyball players require a decent balance between the two.


  • Flexible design for wide motion range
  • Double density EVA foam with impact protection
  • Allows for greater mobility
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable circular knit design for comfort and grip


  • Sizing might be inconsistent

image of Schutt Trace VB15 Knee Pads Volleyball Low Profile, Black

4.  Schutt Trace VB15

The Schutt Trace VB15 knee pads are a good choice for general players. They provide the basic comfort and safety required by beginners. They are sold in pairs and come in two sizes for varying knee measurements. For volleyball players looking for ensured protection without extremely streamlined features, these knee pads are a balanced choice.

The low-profile feature of these knee pads makes them a great choice for any player. While kneeling, standing, and switching positions, these knee pads won’t shift away from your knee. Having to adjust knee pads after every movement can be distracting and even cost players the game. The Schutt Trace VB15 knee pad eliminates the need for compromising either your game or your health.

These knee pads are available in 5.75” length sizes. Players can assess the right length for their needs before buying this product.

Not only are the Schutt Trade VB15 knee pads designed to bear against hard surfaces, but they also have high elasticity. The stretchability of the material ensures the knee pads are firmly held in place while offering high agility.


  • Low profile and good grip
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Offers optimum protection


  • Not meant for specialized or professional usage

image of Errea Tokio Knee Pads, Protective Volleyball Knee Pads

5.  Errea Tokio Knee Pads

The Errea Tokio Knee Pads come with a broad range of features and benefits. They are a good choice for any player looking for sustainable protection.

The polyurethane foam maintains the shape of the player’s knee, ensuring constant protection of the rotula. Their high flexibility feature also guarantees a full range of movement. Players at the beginner level can make the best of their practice while using these knee pads.

The padding in these knee pads is covered with stretchable cotton material. The cotton material is ideal for all-round comfort. It soaks up a sweat without slipping or sticking to the skin. To provide a better grip for all players, these knee pads come in several different measurements for every size.

The Errea Tokio Knee Pads are suitable for all players and sure to prevent injury in extreme situations. Not only do they promise impact resistance for hard surfaces, but they also increased blood circulation. For volleyball players participating in long and difficult matches, this is the ideal choice. It will keep the legs from numbing, as is often the case with some tighter knee pads. This way, athletes can always be prepared and alert during the game.


  • Polyurethane foam for all-round rotula protection
  • Cotton composition for a high level of comfort
  • Stretchable and flexible
  • Allows for blood circulation to maintain comfort


  • May not be suitable for professional usage
  • Relatively expensive

image of Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad

6.  Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad

Professionals and beginners looking for intensive protection can opt for the Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad.

These kneepads offer maximum coverage to the knee with contoured foam built for shock absorption. While diving down low to get the ball, the player exposes their knee to a dangerous impact with rough flooring. With contoured foam, the knee is entirely protected from all sides. The fitting is optimal for all-round protection.

Sweat accumulation is common for players of volleyball, and the back of the knee is especially prone to sweat formation. That is why the Nike Streak comes with a dri-fit feature that allows dryness and comfort even during long matches. An additional comfort feature is the soft interior lining of these knee pads, which prevent burns and scuffing.

These knee pads cater to the requirements of all ranges of volleyball players thanks to their effective design. They are lightweight and easy to use for beginners. And also allow maximum mobility for professionals.

For aesthetic requirements, the Nike Streak comes with an I.D. tag, which gives players a chance to personalize their equipment.


  • Contoured foam for shock absorption
  • Dri-fit feature for comfort and prevention of sweat accumulation
  • Soft interior for maximum comfort
  • Allows greater mobility


  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • May wear out easily in cases of intensive usage

image of adidas Unisex-Adult Elite Knee Pad

7.  Adidas Unisex Elite Volleyball Performance Knee Pads

The Adidas Unisex Elite Volleyball Performance Knee Pads are top of the line in knee pads. They are suitable for any volleyball player looking for sleek design, comfort, and overall protection.

These knee pads are made of 100% polyester, giving them the maximum grip. For players who treasure their agility and speed during a match, these are the right choice. Their stretch fit feature allows every player to wear them with comfort.

In addition to great elasticity, this product has sustainable foam padding for the athlete’s protection. Foam padding with soft seams makes for a smoother experience, especially for unaccustomed beginner players. Soft seams ensure that athletes don’t have to deal with chafing and skin damage after prolonged usage.

The embroidered brandmark of the Adidas logo is also an attractive feature for those who want to play with pomp. This can be an addition to the volleyball team uniform and coordinated with jerseys and other gear.

Not only are the Adidas Unisex Elite Volleyball Performance Knee Pads great for use, but they’re also low-maintenance gear. Players don’t need to bother with unnecessary care for this equipment as it can be easily machine washed. For volleyball players on a tight schedule and regular matches, low-maintenance gear is useful for daily hassle-free use.


  • 100% Polyester for maximum grip
  • Machine Washable
  • Stretchable and flexible
  • Soft seams for comfort


  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • May wear out easily with intensive usage

image of Mueller Sports Medicine Elite Volleyball Knee Pads with Kevlar8.  Mueller Sports Medicine Elite Volleyball Knee Pads with Kevlar

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elite Volleyball Knee Pads are designed for professional volleyball players. They are made with high-quality materials for the best protection in extreme sporting conditions.

These knee pads keep in mind the need for flexibility, along with the need for safety. To allow speed and movement, the foam pads are molded in a specialized manner. Their high-impact feature allows shock absorption during falls and dives.

In addition to protective foam padding, the Mueller Sports Medicine Elite Volleyball Knee Pads come with a Kevlar coating. This makes them highly durable for regular professional players. When the knee comes in contact with hard surfaces, the chances of injury increase. However, the layer of Kevlar ensures protection on impact.

These knee pads also come with a 4-way stretch feature, which provides better grip and comfort. Players can move freely without concern, thanks to the elastic layer at the top. There is no need for external binding and no chance of slippage at any time.

Although they come with a great stretch range and intense grip features, this product is not made of latex. Thus they do not shrink or stick to the skin even after prolonged contact with sweat. This makes them suitable for long and intense sessions of volleyball.


  • Kevlar protection for assured durability
  • Greater flexibility
  • Efficient foam padding for protection
  • 4-Way stretch for flexibility and comfort


  • Unsuitable for beginners

image of Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads9.  Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

The Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads are great for general usage and starting level players. They do not come with intensive features that might weigh down beginners. For those playing at the elementary school level, or as a hobby, these knee pads are perfect.

With a low-profile, these knee pads provide a good grip over the player’s knee. The ergonomic design ensures that no slippage occurs in the middle of the match.

The dense foam padding in the Nike Essentials gives protection to the knee during falls, dives, and skids on hard surfaces. And the dri-fit feature is a unique technology to minimize moisture and skin agitation. Overall, these knee pads defend against injuries, and their comfortable build allows players to give their best performance.

Lastly, the Nike Essentials also meet any aesthetic requirements a player might have. Their minimalistic look can go with any team outfit. And they’re available in multiple sizes and colors for all players to customize as per their choices.


  • Low profile and ergonomic design for good grip
  • Dri-fit technology for comfort
  • Minimalistic and sleek look


  • Not suitable for intensive usage

image of Tachikara TK-SMASH Novice Adult Size Knee Pad10.  Tachikara TK Smash

The requirements of beginner volleyball players are different from those of professionals. Heavier equipment and gear is better suited for expert players but might overwhelm an amateur athlete. The main things to consider as a junior player is a basic safety and comfort. Beyond this, the limited exertion of beginner volleyball players entails that they have no reason to invest in higher-end gear.

For those just starting out, the Tachikara RK Smash is a good option in knee pads. These knee pads are the right fit for beginners and those playing recreationally. Beginner volleyball athletes shouldn’t be considering dangerous moves like dives and extremely high jumps anyhow. Thus, their chosen knee pads need not be highly specialized.

The cotton material is comfortable and light. Although it might not offer an intense grip, this knee pad is suitable for a majority of junior players. The material and design make it optimum for general use in schools, gyms, and youth centers. They can be ordered in multiple pairs for a larger group of players since one size fits all.

The Tachikara TK Smash might not be built for professional volleyball, but it still provides adequate protection. With several layers of foam padding, this knee pad ensures the safety of the wearer.


  • Cotton composition for maximum comfort
  • Adaptable sizing


  • Not suitable for intensive usage

Top Volleyball Knee Pads Endnotes

In the world of sports, injuries are unavoidable. As the game gets heated, every sportsperson is willing to put themselves on the line for the victory. During such times, a player needs to have the support of the right protective gear.

When comparing and finally choosing which knee pad to buy, consider your needs first. Are you looking for maximum comfort? Or are you a professional looking for a better grip? Or perhaps you aren’t so particular and only need a functional set of the best volleyball knee pads? For any of these specifications, a different knee pad option exists.

Without making an informed decision, you might be unable to ultimately protect yourself. That is why it is always recommended to read through multiple options we provide at Volleyball Gear Guide before buying your next bit of gear!

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