10 Best Mens Volleyball Shoes

Best Men's Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is a very well known sport which is played by people of different ages. Engaging and fun, the sport requires high endurance and flexibility. Like every other sport, you need to have the right gear if you want to perform to your ability best.

Having the right shoes are one of the most important parts of engaging in this sport. Whether you are looking for the best men’s volleyball shoes for your son, brother, husband, or if you are a player yourself, we will help you make a choice.

To make the decision easier, we have reviewed some of the best men’s volleyball shoes.  Quick note – we also have another article on the best women’s volleyball shoes too!

Our Volleyball Shoes For Men Recommendations

image of Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z3 Volleyball-Shoes

1.  Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z3 mid-Volleyball-Shoes

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z3 mid-Volleyball-Shoes is one of the best selling shoes in this category. Though a little expensive, it provides ultimate support to the wearer. If you are a seasoned player, then this will be the best choice for you.

Equipped with an extraordinary grip, there is an arch in the ankle that elevates it and provided extra support to the wearer. The shoes are very lightweight, which makes it easy for the player to jump into the air.

The synthetic material of the shoe provides flexibility to the wearer. These shoes provide proper breath-ability to the feet and reduce the formation of sweat.

Top Features

  • The shoe is made from 100% synthetic material
  • The sole of the shoe is synthetic
  • There are no markings on the outsole
  • Terrific bottom grip in the shoe
  • Suitable for practice as well as games


  • The arch support, as well as the ankle support provided by the shoe, is excellent
  • The shoe provides a snug fit due to the high tops
  • The synthetic uppers let your feet breathe freely
  • The soles are made from synthetic rubber, which provides excellent traction


  • It is a pricey little shoe in this category
  • The shoe is narrow, which makes it hard for people with a broad feet structure
image of adidas mens Crazyflight X Mid

2.  Adidas Men’s Crazyflight X mid-Volleyball Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Crazyflight X mid-Volleyball Shoe is one of the highly recommended shoes for volleyball players. Equipped with the latest shoe technology, this product is surely going to turn heads. The mesh upper of the shoe provides good ventilation and also decreases the weight of the shoe.

Extremely comfortable, the shoe feels like another skin on your feet. The insole of the shoe is specific polyurethane that is designed especially for volleyball players. The good grip of the shoes helps you use it under any condition. The cushioning inside of the shoe is shock absorbent, which is essential during heavy landing.

Top Features

  • Sprint skin used in the shoes, which gives the wearer a sleek style
  • PU-Sockliner which is essential for preventing sweat in the foot
  • Top rubber grip which provides the required traction to the player
  • The boost technology provides immense comfort to the wearer
  • Perfect to use on indoor floors


  • Terrific traction offered by the synthetic soles
  • The shoe is highly durable
  • Comfortable option and provides excellent support
  • The design of the shoe is extremely breathable
  • Exceptional stability
  • Highly cushioned
  • The aesthetics are extremely eye-catching


  • Slightly expensive shoe
  • Can be tough to wear along with ankle braces
  • Narrow around the toe area
image of Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe

3.  Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe provides superior comfort and high support to the wearer. You will be comfortable in the shoes even if involved in intense movements. The shoe is seamless, and you will not feel irritation that normally occurs from sewing lines inside the shoe.

The DURA shield present inside the shoe provides protection to your feet and prevent friction. Equipped with superior cushioning, the shoe gives stability and prevents sweat during high-intensity motions. The snug fit of the shoe makes it easy for you to get involved in rough movements without the fear of hurting your feet.

Top Features

  • Equipped with Dura Shield
  • Booty construction in the interior of the shoe
  • Made from XG rubber, which provides proper traction
  • The upper layer of the shoe is made from pure synthetic material


  • The overall lateral support and ankle support of the shoe is superior
  • The shoe is extremely lightweight, which is perfect for games
  • The midsole of the shoe is long-lasting
  • The shoe provides excellent ventilation
  • The internal and upper booty of the shoe is seamless and three-layered


  • The shoe needs time to adjust to your feet
  • Despite the superior performance, the shoe may be pricey
  • Does not provide complete support
image of ASICS Gel-Tactic Mens Volleyball Trainers

4.  ASICS Gel-Tactic Men’s Volleyball Trainers B702N

ASICS is famous for its high-quality sports gear both for men and women. The excellent rubber grip on the outsole will help you glide smoothly while playing. The support for the shoes is exceptional and the best in this category. Though it may take some time to get comfortable in the shoes, once you do, you will never invest in any other brand again. The GEL-tactic system of the shoes is the reason that you will be able to do heavy landing without feeling shock in your ankles. This system makes your landing very smooth and will not put any impact on your feet.

Top Features

  • The material used in the shoe is strictly synthetic
  • The shoe provides ultimate comfort, especially due to the rubber insole
  • The gel-tactic system of the shoe provides high support to the wearer
  • Nice and snug fit


  • The upper part of the shoe is seamless, which provides the ultimate comfort
  • The shoe is extremely durable even with rough use for games
  • The toe cap is hard, which resists it from wear and tear
  • There is gel cushioning in the forefoot and rear end of the shoe


  • Needs time to break into the shoe
  • The cushioning is very minimal
image of ASICS Men's Sky Elite FlyteFoam Volleyball Shoes

5.  ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoe

With the ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoe, you will gain new energy with every step that you take. Designed to provide superior comfort and support to the player, this shoe is one of the best products of ASICS.

The rubber sole of the shoes boasts of high resistance to abrasion and exceptional grip. Not only will you be able to make quick turns, but you can also jump easily. Your feet would not feel heavy as the shoes are very lightweight. The sock liner present inside the shoe can be removed if you wish to put in your orthotics.

Top Features

  • The gel technology in the shoe helps in the absorption of shock
  • Fluidride technology present in the midsole which provides a form to the shoe
  • The mesh sole of the shoe is extremely comfortable
  • Removable sock liner to provide space for your orthotics if necessary
  • Sweat absorption possible due to the presence of the sock liner in the shoe


  • The shoe is true to size
  • A very comfortable option for general practice and professional games
  • Quite an affordable option
  • The look of the shoe is very minimalistic and fits perfectly to the feet
  • Very lightweight


  • The sole does not provide much traction
image of ASICS Men's Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes

6.  ASICS Men’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes

When you are looking for a volleyball shoe, the first concern you face is the grip of the shoe. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes erases this and most other concerns that you may face. With an excellent interior cushioning, you will no more have to worry about getting sudden shocks to your heels and knee while landing heavily in your feet.

The shoe also provides a good grip so that you do not twist your ankle while playing. With the mesh material, your feet will be able to breathe properly, thereby eliminating the chances of sweat and bad odor.

Top Features

  • Body of the shoe is made from 100% synthetic material
  • The sole of the shoe is made from rubber, which provides ultimate comfort
  • Good breathability provided due to the upper mesh present in the shoe
  • ASICS” Trusstic System technology reduces the sole’s weight but keeps the structural integrity
  • Durable option along with a supplement guard for toe
  • Seamless construction which creates less friction
  • Gel cushioning present in the rearfoot and forefoot


  • The shoe provides very good stability
  • A comfortable option for games
  • The grip of the shoe is excellent


  • Low support under the ball of your feet
image of adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoe

7.  Adidas Men’s Stabil X Volleyball Shoe

The first thing that you will see when you view the Adidas Men’s Stabil X Volleyball Shoe is its boost technology. This technology provides good cushioning to your shoes so that your knees and feet do not suffer injury when you land suddenly on your feet. You can also take sudden turns without worrying about a twisted ankle or rolling sideways on your feet.

Though the shoes are slightly heavyweight, you will not feel any discomfort even if you wear them for a long duration. The best thing about these shoes is that it provides high traction, which is necessary to use it on different surfaces.

Top Features

  • The upper layer of the shoe is constructed from synthetic or meshes
  • The mesh is abrasion resistant
  • The design of the shoe is low cut and modern
  • Exceptional support provided to the ankle with the help of an ankle pad
  • The sole is shock absorbent


  • The shoe is the perfect example of stability
  • Exceptional comfort provided due to the boost cushioning
  • The shoe provides excellent traction to the wearer


  • The shoe can feel a little heavy on your feet
  • Will take time to break-in
  • Pricey option
  • The insole of the shoe cannot be removed, which might be uncomfortable to some
image of Young FUTURE02 Professional Shoe

8.  Young FUTURE02 Professional

The Young Future02 Professional is another comfortable option when you are looking for high-quality volleyball shoes. The superior grip of the shoe keeps your feet in place and prevents it from getting hurt. There is a cushioning inside of the shoe, which is specially designed to make heavy landing easy.

The heel of the shoe has an added feature, which is the FOAM that provides extra security to your ankles and acts as a shock-absorbent. If you worry about excessive sweat, then the Young Future02 Professional would be a great choice due to its high breathability and anti-sweat feature.

Top Features

  • KPU technology in the shoe which provides high breathability to the shoes
  • The insole of the shoe gives comfort to the wearer
  • TPU frames give stability to the wearer
  • The extra cushioning in the shoes gives you comfort during heavy landing
  • FOAM present in the heel acts as a shock-absorbent
  • A lateral stabilizer is used to give a lightweight feel to the wearer


  • The shoe has an anti-slip rubber which is non-marked and can be used in different surfaces
  • Will be able to sustain high wear and tear


  • Size calculation may sometimes be wrong
image of ASICS Men's Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes

9.  ASICS Men’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes

Definitely, one of the best choices when it comes to volleyball shoes, the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 3 Volleyball Shoes, works perfectly for indoor games. The padded collar of the shoe gives a comfy fit internally. If you are looking for comfort as well as high performance, then this is the shoe for you.

The GEL cushioning present inside the shoe prevents any shock to your feet and also allow a smooth transition. The rubber outsole provides a good grip so that you can use it smoothly on any surface. This lightweight shoe will not make your feet feel bulky. Another very interesting aspect of the shoe is its high breathability.

Top Features

  • The material for the shoe is manmade mesh
  • Extremely lightweight feel on the foot
  • The outer appearance of the shoe is sleek and stylish


  • Exceptional breathability, which will reduce the sweat formation and prevent smell in your shoes
  • The mesh uppers provide ultimate comfort
  • The Gel cushioning in the rear foot prevents shock when you land heavily on your feet
  • The traction of the shoe is very good


  • The material on the side of the shoe is very thin
  • Not so durable and cannot sustain high wear and tear
  • Side support of the shoe is very minimal
image of ASICS Men's Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes

10. ASICS Men’s Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes: Elevate Your Game

Step onto the court with confidence in the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes. Designed for the modern athlete, these shoes prioritize your comfort without compromising on performance. Here’s why they’re a game-changer:

Unparalleled Comfort: Crafted with a broader mesh paneling, these shoes ensure a snug yet adaptable fit. Say goodbye to the days of stiff footwear; the Upcourt 5 molds to your feet, giving you the freedom to move effortlessly.

Built to Last: Volleyball can be tough on shoes, but the Upcourt 5 is tougher. With reinforced toe and heel counters, these shoes are designed to withstand the rigors of the game. Plus, they’re 100% synthetic, ensuring durability and longevity.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Not only do these shoes boost your performance, but they also care for the planet. The innovative sockliner dyeing process reduces water usage by 33% and cuts carbon emissions by 45%. Play your best game while making a positive impact on the environment.

Fit Tip: While these shoes offer unbeatable comfort, they tend to run a tad smaller. For the perfect fit, consider ordering a half size up from your regular size.

Top Features

  • The midsole of the shoe is made from authentic rubber
  • The lining of the shoe is a pure synthetic material
  • With textile lining, the design of the shoe is extremely modern
  • Constructed with a rubber outsole that is non-marked


  • Can be worn as a daily wear as well since it provides extreme comfort
  • Keeps the feet dry, and the material is very breathable
  • Durable soles and upper
  • Good grip in the outsole of the shoe which prevent slipping on any surface


  • It can be hard to clean the shoe daily
  • The shape of the shoe may be wide for some people

Final Verdict On Top Mens Volleyball Shoes

Searching for the best volleyball shoe can be a time-consuming action since there are hundreds of options in the market. There are certain factors that you need to consider while choosing the best men’s volleyball shoes. The grip, comfort, breathability, cushioning, and security are some factors that come on the top of the mind.

Through our review, you will be able to access the different features provided by each of the shoes mentioned along with their pros and cons. Once you have an understanding of what you need, it will not be too hard to find the best men’s volleyball shoes for yourself.

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