Best Men’s Volleyball Shorts

You likely remember the last time you played a game when your volleyball shorts were riding up on you, or causing you to chafe. While the shorts may not immediately impact performance, you certainly remember how uncomfortable they were. Whether you are setting, blocking, passing, diving, digging or spiking, every pair of volleyball shorts on this page will keep you comfortable, so you can concentrate on your performance.

Top Men’s Volleyball Shorts

Roadbox Workout Shorts

Roadbox Workout Shorts

The Roadbox Workout Shorts is our top pick. It is perfect for every player who plans to buy the best men’s volleyball shorts. Why? It is because this model comes with every essential feature.


  • Polyester and spandex fabric
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Product weight: 7 ounces

The Roadbox Workout Shorts is a combination of polyester and spandex materials. It has a ratio of 88% of polyester, and the remaining 12% is of spandex fabric. These volleyball shorts have four-way stretch material, making them more comfortable, durable, and stretchable.

Though it uses durable and sturdy materials, the model is ultra-lightweight. It weighs around 7 ounces. Even for the longer period matches, you can enjoy the light experience of these shorts. Moreover, this model is designed for high-intensity games and workouts.

You do not have to worry about the fabric getting heavy with sweat because this model features moisture-wicking technology. The material has a quick-dry feature which means that the short will gets dry in an instant. It keeps you away from the sticky sensation. As for washing instructions, either hand wash or machine cleaning is good.

The fabric blend of this pair of volleyball shorts is suitable for every season. You can stay comfortable and dry, all thanks to the breathable material. With the availability of this model in various sizes, it gives a perfect fit for men of every height.

The Roadbox Workout Shorts are famous for their feature of decreasing friction. This pair of volleyball shorts reduce the irritation against your skin. It comes with a suitable cut that is not only durable but also good-looking. The seam reinforcement is sturdy and gives you flexibility during the game.


  • Accessible in six different sizes
  • The breathable fabric dries in a few minutes
  • Lightweight short and weighs only seven ounces
  • Up to the mark customer service


  • Available in only three colors

LUWELL PRO Men’s 7″ Running Shorts

With the suitable fit elastic band and long storage pockets on either side, the LUWELL PRO Men’s 7″ Running Shorts is another high-end short which is good enough for volleyball.


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • 7 inches shorts

If you keep excellent performance as the main element, then you have to buy this model. This pair of volleyball shorts uses 100% high-end polyester, and it assures long-lasting durability. Also, it is a breathable material, and you can have absolute comfort.

With various black, grey, and blue color shades to choose from, it matches the taste of stylish people. Moreover, the lightweight feature of this model makes it more attractive and functional.

One feature that captured our attention is the deep pockets. You can find them at the sides of the short, and they allow you to keep many things. Due to the long pockets, it is easy to store your phone, earphones, and portable speakers.

This volleyball short allows free movement in every direction and angle. The elastic waistband is also adjustable. It sticks around to your waist in a comfortable fit, neither too loose nor too tight. You can use these volleyball shorts for your training sessions, practice matches, workouts, and more.

Another standing-out feature of this model is its reflective mark. There is a reflective cloth at the sides and keeps you safe during low light and night times. Like other volleyball short models, it also uses quick-dry fabric, which keeps you dry all the time.


  • Available in four sizes and many colors
  • It has 100% polyester material
  • There is a reflective mark at the sides
  • It comes with deep storage pockets


  • All the colors are either blue or black shades

Champion Men’s 10 Inch Core Training Short

Here come our only ten-inch volleyball shorts. This model is perfect for tall people with long legs. It has a power flex compression and supports you to take the game to an advanced level.


  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Quick-dry feature
  • 10 inches inseam shorts

The Champion Men’s 10 Inch Core Training Short is made using high-quality 100% polyester fabric. This model comes with an internal drawcord and has vents on the sides of the short. Even though it is durable and looks long, this volleyball short weighs less.

The stretchable and lightweight material assures that nothing keeps you down during the attack. Unlike side pockets, this model features on-seam pockets where you can keep small essentials and other accessories like Mobile and portable speakers.

This model has a good enough pattern and ensures that you will feel comfortable playing on the court. The shape of this volleyball short enables free air circulation around your thigh and crotch area and makes sure that no sweat is accumulated in those areas.

This volleyball short by Champion brand allows you to remain dry and comfortable. In the present market, there are only a few volleyball shorts with a long inseam length of 10 inches. So this is the only available model for long-legged people. This inseam hydrology material makes it more resistant to sweat.

This model also comes with a quick-drying feature and uses Champion Vapor technology which evaporates moisture. Another feature that is worth talking about is the usage of moisture management technology. It wicks away sweat and moisture from your skin.


  • Perfect ten inches volleyball shorts
  • It comes with pull on closure
  • The model use quick-dry moisture technology and other high-end technologies
  • It has an inner drawcord and side vents


  • The fabric is a bit thin

TSLA Men’s 2 in 1 Active Running Shorts

Compared to all our products in this list, this model can be used as a two-in-one volleyball short. This package includes one built-in black tights and a pair of blue-colored outer shorts.


  • Polyester and spandex fabric
  • Active elastic waistband
  • Sweat-wicking feature

The TSLA Men’s 2 in 1 Active Running Shorts is a perfect blend of durable polyester and stretchable spandex materials. This fabric combination offers top-notch stretch and a fantastic range of movement. There are outer side and inner side pockets to keep your mobile and earbuds.

These volleyball shorts for men come with elastic closure, which assures ultimate comfort during the game. It allows you to boast your best skills with its flexible nature. This pair of volleyball shorts by TSLA gives you a comfortable, convenient, and custom fit.

There is a drawcord near the waistband. It is very adjustable and makes it easy for the shorts to encircle your waist. It allows you to give a top-notch performance on the volleyball court. These volleyball shorts will dry in an instant because this model features a quick-dry feature.

Like the high-end brands, it also uses a few technologies such as moisture sensing and sweat-wicking. Even if you are sweating during the match, you would not feel sticky or uncomfortable because the fabric wicks away the sweat within a few minutes.

Aside from the outer blue short, this versatile set also includes a pair of black tights. Be it for volleyball, badminton, gym, basketball, cycling, tennis, soccer, and more – you can use these volleyball shorts for every indoor and outdoor activity.


  • It gives a fantastic stretching range
  • Perfect for versatile and long-term use
  • It comes with a curved hem design
  • A lightweight model with inner pockets


  • The back pocket can not fit the smartphone

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Quick Dry Running Shorts

At last, we present to you our best budget volley shorts that are very versatile. Moreover, this pair of volleyball shorts are accessible in many sizes and colors.


  • Polyester and spandex fabric
  • Wear-resistant cloth
  • Breathable material

The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Quick Dry Running Shorts are made by using a mix of two durable materials. It comes with 92% of polyester, and the rest 8% of the ratio is of spandex fabric. The durable fabric shows resistance to wear and tear, and it is a perfect option for long-term and constant use.

This pair of volleyball shorts has breathable material, making it comfortable for you to wear them. The design allows for proper air circulation near the crotch and thigh area, and there would not be any drop of sweat or moisture.

It is natural for players to sweat during the match. Sometimes heavy sweating might cause irritation or itching to them, which results in a lack of concentration on the game. These volleyball shorts feature quick-dry technology to avoid the above situations.

This model comes with a back elastic waistband which ensures enhanced comfort and stability. It is also adjustable. This model can fit the nearby sizes, and it is available from size 30 to size 40. Moreover, the waistband has an internal drawcord for a decent fit.

With two sets of side pockets, it is easy to save your personal belongings there. These pockets are equipped with durable zipper closure, which ensures the safety of your things. This zipper comes with a long string handle so that you can unzip it in an instant.


  • It comes with an internal drawcord
  • There are two side zipper pockets
  • The short uses breathable material
  • There is an elastic waistband for absolute comfort


  • The height is a bit long

What Should I Look At Before Purchasing The Volleyball Shorts For Men (Buyers Guide)

The volleyball fabric shows durability and flexibility. It also determines how it will reduce the discomfort against the skin. Some of the best fabrics for volleyball shorts are polyester + spandex, nylon, and polyester. A few models use synthetic material. These materials show more resistance to moisture, tear, sweat, and wear.

Length and Size

You should only choose the shorts above the knee level to experience the ultimate comfort during the gameplay. As for size, it is recommended not to buy shorts that are too tight and too baggy.


The inseam is a unique kind of material lining that stretches out from the crotch area to both sides of the shorts. It determines whether you can have free movement or not. The shorts with a good enough inseam will give you ultimate comfort and softness around your hip and thigh area. You should buy the model only if it has a minimum of 5 to 7 inches of the inseam.


It is the crucial feature that specifies whether the shorts will stick to your waist or not while you are playing. Choose the model that comes with a decent elastic waistband and an internal drawcord.


As the price is a personal thing, you can choose it depending on your budget. Thanks to our research, all the products in this list have pocket-friendly prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do volleyball shorts have above knee level length?

Volleyball is a sport that involves quick and complex actions, and the players need flexibility up to the knee level. Wearing full pants will restrict their movement.

Can I wear volleyball shorts for other sports?

Of course, you can. Many models in our list are good enough for other sports. You can use them for basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer, beach volleyball, and more. You can also wear them for the gym and your workout sessions.

Do all the volleyball shorts absorb sweat?

All products in this list can wick away moisture and sweat in a few minutes. You can stay focused in your match rather than feeling sticky with all the sweat.

Even though it was difficult, we worked hard to prepare the above list. We want the volleyball players to have decent comfort so that they can show off their skills. By taking into account the real-time experiences, we picked the products. From the world of volleyball shorts, only the above five surpass our standards. Our top pick has to be Roadbox Workout Shorts. As simple as it sounds, this model tops every chart on our list. Be it price, durability, high-end materials, quick-dry, and comfort – you can have them all in this model.

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