Volleyball net systems

Unlike other sports, volleyball does not require high-priced sportswear like helmets, safety pads, skates, gloves, titanium clubs, etc.

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There is no place for extra safety equipment as this is a minor contact sport. You can play volleyball on a beach, indoors, yard, and outdoors because all you require is a volleyball and a decent volleyball net system.

7 Best Volleyball Net Systems – (Outdoor)

Baden Champions Volleyball Set

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The Baden Champions Volleyball Set is excellent for every outdoor event – from a weekend reunion match to a professional tournament practice. This net system includes all equipment that is necessary to play volleyball.



  • Polyethylene netting
  • Net size (L × H): 3′ x 32′
  • Pole size: 1.5 inches
  • Package weight: 5.08 Kilograms
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 34 x 8.5 x 8 inches

The Baden Champions Volleyball Set comes with a regulation size net. It includes a net made from 24-ply durable polyethylene, and it is weather-resistant. The material can resist the net from ripping or tearing down. This net system has a frustration-free design, making it easy for you to install the net.

This net system comes with heavy-duty steel poles, and they have a powder coating. These 1.5 inches poles support the net on every kind of surface. The adjustable steel poles let you have a seamless transition between different types of matches. Moreover, they have waterproof edges.

Besides the sturdy poles, the stakes assure that the net system will remain standing even after the match is over. The reliable nylon rope can hold the net and poles even in extreme situations. The net system also includes a pair of weather-resistant boundary lines.

You can find every tool in the package – starting from the net, poles, ropes to the ball. The net system is packed with robust and long-lasting equipment, which can withstand rough use and other elements.

You can store all these accessories in a durable and weather-resistant carry bag. It allows for easy storage and transportation. In the package, you will also get a ball pump with a super reach needle.



  • Installing and taking down the net is very easy
  • The poles are adjustable, durable, and heavy-duty
  • It is a premium-quality regulation net
  • Excellent for every outdoor occasion



  • The volleyball is of reasonable quality but not very reliable

Patiassy Portable Volleyball Net Set System

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The Patiassy Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Set System is on our list due to its quick and easy setup functions. With durable volleyball, heavy-duty poles, and nylon netting, it is another decent net system.



  • Polyethylene and nylon fabric
  • Pole material: Steel
  • Net size (L × H): 32′ x 3′
  • Package Weight: 6.21 Kilograms
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 37.4 x 8.27 x 3.54 inches

This net system features a durable net that is a combination of polyethylene and nylon materials. Unlike other typical net models, this is a 24 strand or 24-ply knotless nylon PE net. This net system from Patiassy has six side straps on each side and 12 straps in total.

Like its peer models, it also features a push-button locking system that lets you make quick and easy adjustments. The net system has a soft-touch PU volleyball, and it has yarn winding inside. It helps in reducing the harsh impact on your hands and prevents arm injury.

You will get a set of six premium steel poles with powder coating for durability. The sturdy poles come with spring clips at the top surface, and each one is 0.8 mm thick. They have different height adjustments to be compatible with women, mixed, and men games.

The double braided guide ropes support the poles of this net system. As they are adjustable, you can alter them depending on the surface and height. The four guide ropes have four metal stakes.

There is a boundary tape with a storage holder, using which you can mark the court. The 600D Oxford carrying bag allows you to keep all the above accessories in it. This bag has a zipper closure.



  • The net system uses a Push-button locking system
  • It comes with a reliable 600D oxford carrying bag
  • This net system comes with three year warranty period
  • It includes one 8.5 size PU volleyball with yarn winding



  • No set up instructions in the package

Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

image of Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

With this Tournament Flex 1000 model by Park & Sun Sports, you do not have to buy even a single piece of equipment. This net system has everything that you need for playing volleyball.



  • Nylon netting
  • Pole material: Aluminum
  • Net size (L × H): 32′ x 36′
  • Pole size: 1.75″
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 54.2 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches

This Flex 1000 net system has a regulation size Spectrum net. It is made from a nylon blend net and comes with 2 inches of top and bottom tapes. The net has reinforced corners with side sleeves to have a balanced net tension.

This net system features two-piece Telescopic poles. The aluminum poles have a diameter of 1. 34 inches. The clips help in holding and supporting the net to be in its stable place.

The Push-button locking system allows easy length adjustments. There are different height adjustment options for men, women, and mixed groups. In spite of being very durable, you can assemble and take down the net within a few minutes.

This system also has guylines, and they are of decent quality and offer good enough grip. The double 1.4 inches outlines have tension rings. Mark your court with the typical boundary (60 L x 30 W) tape, and it comes with corner anchors.

The package includes a portable hand pump with a pair of inflation needles. This whole volleyball net system weighs around 8 pounds, and the shipping weight is 14.8 pounds. After folding the net and dismantling other accessories, you can keep them in the carry bag.



  • The net system is of decent quality
  • It has sturdy, lightweight, and strong poles
  • Good enough for practice, tournament, and everyday games
  • This net system features the perfect balance between weight, height, and length



  • The tightening system of the net is a bit difficult to use

GSE Games & Sports Expert Portable Volleyball Set

image of GSE Games & Sports Expert Portable Volleyball Set

Here comes our best recreational and portable volleyball net system. If you want a durable and high-quality net set at a cheaper rate, you better put your full attention on this model.



  • Style: Recreational
  • Pole size: 1.25″
  • Net size (L × H): 32′ x 3′
  • Item weight: 13.89 Pounds
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 384 x 1 x 36 inches

This GSE Games & Sports Expert Portable Volleyball Set is a perfect Recreational model, and it is also available in the Professional model. It comes with a nylon net which can last for many years without tearing or fading away.

The volleyball net measures 32′ x 3′, and it is a two-colored net with reinforced tape on the sides. It also comes with a scoring clamp. This net system has strong steel poles and guidelines, which support the net. They make sure that it would not shake during the gameplay.

The recreational volleyball net system comes with a pair of 3-piece steel poles, and they have 1.25 inches heavy-duty black powder coating. If you want to make the height short, you can use only two poles. These poles can extend up to 8 feet.

Unlike other models, this net system features a set of high-quality double-braided guidelines. But these guidelines come with plastic stakes. You will also receive a durable volleyball with a durable outer surface. There is a boundary line to mark your court.

The package also includes a GSE brand ball pump, and it has a long-reach needle. This net system comes with a 600D heavy-duty nylon material carry bag to accommodate the above items. There are assembly and setup instructions to help you out.



  • It comes with standard site boundary lines
  • The durable net features reinforced tape and a scoring clamp
  • You will get a pair of three-piece poles
  • The package includes needle and ball bump



  • The quality of the ground stakes needs quite a bit of improvement

Patiassy Outdoor Volleyball Net

image of Patiassy Outdoor Volleyball Net

Patiassy Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net is our pick for long-term use. With its incredible winch system, you can have a professional volleyball experience on beaches, backyard, and front yard.



  • 32-ply Tetoron material
  • Pole size: 2″
  • Net size (L × H): 32′ x 3′
  • Item weight: 8.26 Kilograms
  • Item dimensions (L x W x H): 54 x 7 x 7 inches

This net system comes with a 32′ x 3′ net, and it has 3 inches of top and bottom visible white net tape. With the evident design, you can see your opponents through the new wires. It also includes a 5 inches durable side sleeve.

The aluminum poles can resist wear and tear during the match. This net system comes with a pair of two-piece lightweight poles and is sturdy. These poles have three adjustable heights. You can change the height to 7 feet 4 inches, 7 feet 8 inches, and 8 feet.

This Patiassy volleyball net features a Winch System, and it provides optimal tension to the net and reduces the hang. Meanwhile, the handle will make it easy for you to adjust the height. There are two guide ropes and four metal stakes, using which you can keep the net stable even in extreme weather conditions.

With the inclusion of standard boundary lines, you can get the tournament level experience by marking the exact court dimensions. This boundary line comes with a winding wire rack.

Besides the net, you will also get one high-end and durable volleyball. This net system comes with a portable carrying bag with zippers, where you can keep the accessories. There is a pump with a set of two needles in the package.



  • This model features a unique winch system
  • The net system includes a 1.5-inch wide PE webbing boundary
  • It uses durable and wear-resistant Tetoron material
  • The carrying bag comes with a YKK zipper and durable handles



  • The setting up of the net takes time

Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net System

image of Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball net System

Do you want to have a tournament-level volleyball net system but do not have access to indoor stadiums? Then, this volleyball system is the best pick as it gives a high-end performance, and you can set it up in your yard.



  • Durable mesh netting
  • Regulation size 32 feet net
  • Pole material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 33 Pounds
  • Packaging weight: 36 Pounds

The Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball Net System is ideal for yard games (whether front or back), family outings, BBQ weekends, summer camps, and other public events. It is one of the mid-level sets which can provide absolute versatility in volleyball events.

Tightening this Cobra net system is a breeze. It features a unique patented Flex Pole Technology. This net system will remain in its place without any wire losing and sagging of the net. There are different heights for women, mixed, and men player groups.

This net system is created for outdoor and yard games. You can find stakes in the box, and they are already attached to the net’s rope. This three combo model is ideal for volleyball, badminton, and grass tennis.

One element that caught our attention is this net system has no dangerous stuff. You will never find the usage of rough ropes, wires, steel ground plates, and other items which may harm you. This feature makes it a perfect pick for kids’ volleyball.

It is one of the net systems that features an easy and quick setup. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, you can keep your trust in this net system. Store your ball, net, and other equipment in the carry bag.



  • The net system has a lifetime warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee option
  • It is made from reliable and long-lasting fabrics
  • This net system is compact and easy to set up
  • Excellent for volleyball, beach or grass tennis and badminton sports



  • There are no clear instructions for this net system

Vermont Portable Volleyball Sets

image of Vermont Portable Volleyball Sets

The Vermont Portable Volleyball Net Set is 100% portable and includes one heavy-duty carry bag. This net system offers quick assembly and comes with boundary line marking tape to make a court at any place.



  • Polyethylene material
  • Net size: Regulation 32 feet
  • PVC banding
  • Pole material: Steel
  • 60ft x 30 feet weaving tape

The Vermont Portable Volleyball Net Set includes the net made from 2.5mm polyethylene fabric. It is an FIVB regulation net, and it measures 32 feet. Moreover, the durable tent comes with a high-end PVC banding.

One difference between this model and the pro beach set is that the beach set package has extra accessories such as a Sand Anchor Kit and two steel pole plates. The entire set is resistant to every volleyball impact. Despite the lightweight feature, this net system is sturdy enough to resist rough use.

This net system comes with reliable aluminum telescopic posts. You can adjust the height of the net while playing in different categories – 7 feet 4 inches (women), 7 feet 8 inches (co-ed), and 8 feet (men groups).

The system includes superior quality 6mm braided PE guy ropes. They help in keeping the net stable so that you would not face problems during the gameplay. As the package includes boundary lines, you can make a 60 feet x 30 feet court everywhere by marking with the tape.

The net, telescopic posts, and the boundary line tape conform with FIVB regulations. Besides being portable, the net system arrives with a high-end carry bag. You can keep all other components in the bag, and it allows for productive transportation.



  • Available in two different models – pro set and pro beach set
  • It comes with a durable carrying bag
  • It features superior quality aluminum telescopic posts
  • You will get weaving tape in the package



  • Sometimes the welding point at the top of the post will fall down

Things to consider before buying the Best Volleyball Net Systems

Net Material

It is crucial to look at the material or fabric of the net. The best options to choose from are polyethylene, nylon, and durable synthetic nets. A few expensive and professional net models come with extra Kevlar threads when you purchase, which ensure expanded strength and durability. The material must show resistance to heat, wear, tear, water, and other outer elements.


The durable substances for the net tension straps are nylon, Velcro, and synthetic strand. As the straps connect the net to the pole, it should be sturdy enough to hold them. It is better to choose a model that has adjustable, elastic, wear-resistant, and reliable straps.


Having a decent edge model will protect the internal layer of the net from wear and tear. The best option is the 2″ edge made from synthetic or canvas material. These fabrics show resistance to moisture, heat, impact, and heat.


Choosing the net system that includes decent quality poles is crucial. Anodized aluminum and galvanized steel are the standard pole materials. All the products on our list have either aluminum or steel poles. Check whether the poles have height adjustments or not. Some portable net models come with detachable aluminum caps and ground sleeves, making it easy to set them up. Have a look at the quality of the screws and nuts.


The stakes determine the length and width of your volleyball court. You should choose the model that has forged steel ground stakes. These are very effective when it comes to portable net systems.


Having a good enough quality wire is always better. The top and bottom edges will have steel wire rope which adds stability to the net system. It is better to get a net system that features adjustable, durable, and robust wire.


Many people would not consider this feature, but the guy lines also hold crucial importance. In general, the guy lines include tension rings with corner anchors. Make sure to buy the model that has a guy line thickness between 0.18 inches and 0.31 inches.


You can find the dowel sticks at the sides of the net. It is better to buy the net system that features replaceable wooden ash dowel sticks, which are durable and show resistance to warping and breaking. The stick length should be between 37 inches to 44 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary for the volleyball net system to have Telescopic System?

Yes, the net set with the Telescopic system is the best because you can adjust the height. These models have different height adjustments for men, women, and co-ed groups. Having an internal locking system helps you make easy adjustments.

What is the minimum length and diameter of the pole?

Well, there is no precise answer to the question. But the high-end models will have at least 2 inches diameter (indoor) or 3.5 inches diameter (outdoor). Also, the poles that have lengths between 10.5 feet to 12 feet are good options.

Do the net systems come with a warranty?

Some volleyball net systems have a limited warranty period, and only a few models come with a lifetime warranty. These models with a warranty are durable and can last longer.

Do all the volleyball net systems have side sleeves?

No, only some models come with reinforced side sleeves. These side sleeves will hold the net in its place and increase the longevity of the net.

Bottom Line

Making the list of best volleyball net systems was not a simple task. We have to consider plenty of factors like the availability, price, materials used, fabric quality, and more. After testing the net systems using various criteria, we finally settled by preparing the above list. All the seven products are the best, and you can choose any of them as per your requirements. However, our primary pick must be Baden Champions Volleyball Set. It has a decent quality fabric, a reasonable price, durable materials, and a weather-resistant carry bag.

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