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In volleyball, spiking is not an easy method that one can learn in a few minutes. It needs a fantastic amount of force and an accurate downward angle with a perfect jump on both feet.

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Even your coach can not drill you 24/7, so to improve your spike skills by yourself, the best volleyball spike trainer is necessary. Here are five spike trainers we reviewed, and know will quickly add inches and power to your existing skills.

Reviews Of The Best Volleyball Spike Trainer With Pros And Cons

Volleyball Star Volleyball Spike Trainer

Volleyball Spike Trainer Basketball Hoop

With the best adjustment cord system, it stands out the most. The product comes with an improved design and the lifetime warranty makes it a durable and safe pick.


  • Material: Durable elastic
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Product weight: 0.63 Kilograms (package)

The Volleyball Star Volleyball Spike Trainer helps in improving the jumping speed and force. You can adjust your hitting speed in the actual match by practicing with this product. Moreover, you can determine the correct hitting position and jump approach.

You can concentrate on the basic skills of learning accurate footwork, which is useful when you are in a rush situation. Without needing a second person, it is possible to improve your ball contact using this spike trainer.

This volleyball spike trainer is adjustable. It can extend from 15″ to 30″ long, and you can adjust the cable as per your height. This model does not use any metal and other heavy objects in the places where your keep your hand.

This product comes with a reaction ball, and it can bounce at random times. It assists you in boosting hand-eye coordination, and you can have great reflexes. You can develop quick and affective reactions.

When practicing with the spike trainer, it is natural for the players to encounter tangling issues between the ball pouch cable and volleyball rim. But this spike trainer is a 100% anti-tangle product. This model comes with an inflatable ball that can get inside your volleyball hoop. You do not have to face tangling problems and can concentrate 100% on your practice.


  • It includes a pair of carabiners
  • There is an adjustable and flexible length ball holder
  • You will get a ball rim cover and air pump in the package
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The metal latch could have been better

TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System

If you want to improve your spiking power, wicked-fast arm speed, and swing power, it is better to choose the TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System.


  • Material: Elastic cord
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Product weight: 0.09 Kilograms

You can increase your footwork skills which are crucial during the action match. Using this volleyball spike training system, you can get the right and detailed timing, and this is necessary when hitting the ball.
I use this spike trainer as my tosses are wrong, and after using this, the maximum number of my tosses is up to the mark. There is an elastic cord, and you can adjust its length to fit your height. The package includes a flexible holder and a long buckle to link.

This spike trainer is easy to set up and use. You can connect it at many places such as volleyball goals, rods, playsets, high ceilings, broom poles, backyard handles, and many more. It also helps in increasing the learning curve on how the volleyball players will hit the ball.

Unlike other models, you would not get shoulder, back, and neck pains. Moreover, this volleyball spike trainer will help you to strengthen your body and improves the whole build.

One thing that is impressive about the TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System is its brand works for 100% customer satisfaction. You can contact them if you get any damaged product or any issue with the product. They will give easy refunds with quick product shipping.


  • It is accessible in two different colors at an affordable price
  • It helps in boosting the timing and speed
  • There is an elastic and adjustable cord
  • It prevents shoulder strain, back, and other body pains


  • It gets tangled when you hit it with heavy force

Elite Sports Tools StrikeSetter

You can use this volleyball spike training system in your house backyard, playground, or indoor stadiums. It is a perfect choice for beginners, intermediate users, and also professionals.


  • Material: Soft synthetic rugged leather
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Product weight: 12 ounces (package)

This spike trainer is engineered to give ultimate strength, and it uses high-quality materials. It comes with a hand-sewn and reinforced switching. It has soft synthetic rugged leather, which is perfect for long-term use.

There is an adjustable and flexible rubber shock cord, and it is 3.8 inches long. It includes the ribbed polyester jacket, which adds UV and abrasion resistance. You can find the 1.8 inches long metal quick link. It is helpful for easy connections and applications.

The Elite Sports Tools StrikeSetter is the ideal pick for you if you want a decent featured volleyball spike trainer. You can build up your wicked-fast arm speed, and it is one of the crucial factors you need to have during the match.

This spike trainer stands out because it tends to improve your spiking power. With this spike training equipment, you can focus more on your practice rather than running around to get the ball after every hit. There is a hook at the top, and you can attach this to various places for instant use.

The players who are using this spike trainer are gaining more power and practical jumping power. This product is good enough for daily use and lasts longer. It increases your ball timing and hitting power.


  • Good enough for developing wicked-fast arm speed
  • It uses high-quality materials and has reinforced stitching
  • It comes with a ribbed polyester jacket
    The product shows UV and abrasion resistance


  • There were a few incidents of the ball leaking some air

Tandem Sport Volleyball Spike Pal

Use the Tandem Sport Volleyball Spike Pal to practice on your own without the constant need of a coach or other players. Get this product to develop your hitting and striking techniques without chasing the volleyball!


  • Material: Elasticized-Fabric
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Product weight: 0.2
  • Kilograms (package)

This spike trainer comes with a flexible and elastic cord, and it is 15.5 inches long. You can adjust the length of this cord as per your height, so it is ideal for any hitter. Regardless of age and team, anyone who wants to develop his/her spike skills can use this spike trainer.

It allows for realistic volleyball ball movement with ease and gives you a match-like performance. With this spike training system, you do not have to waste your precious time chasing down the volleyball after every hit. Since the volleyball remains in its place, you can concentrate more on hitting the ball.

Use this spike trainer to strengthen your hitting technique so you can become the match saver. You do not need other people’s help anymore while practicing on your footwork and ball contact.

The coaches can use this spike trainer to give agility drills to the students. Other than this, it is better to use the spike training system for conditioning and volleyball hitting.

The Tandem Sport Volleyball Spike Pal can be used as a versatile volleyball training aid. There is a carabiner in the package, which you can connect to any volleyball goal, basket, or other poles and rods. Moreover, you will receive a volleyball pouch as an extra add-on.


  • It uses high-end elasticized-fabric
  • You will get a flexible elastic cord in the box
  • The whole product and cable weighs less
  • It is available in one size and fits the ball correctly


  • You have to buy the ball separately

Wiwaplex Volleyball Spike Trainer

This volleyball spike training system will help you to increase your serving skills and your jumping power. Also, with proper use, you can maintain your arm swing abilities and spiking power.


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Product weight: 187 Grams (package)

The Wiwaplex Volleyball Spike Trainer is the best high-end model in the market. It marks its place in our list due to the usage of Neoprene material. It is a high-quality material and is flexible enough. Also, this substance is famous because of its durability and long-lasting feature. With this, I enhanced my ball contact techniques.

This spike trainer comes with a solo design, and you don’t need the assistance of other people to try it. The volleyball spike training system can work to improve your arm swing skills. Practicing with this tool will help you to know where to use defense or hit strategies.
One feature that is worth talking about is its D-ring carabiner clip design. No other model in the present market has this type of design. These D-ring carabiner clips are durable and good enough so you can hang them anywhere. It is easy to use this clip, and if needed, you can replace it.

If you are lacking in footwork during the actual match, you can use this spike trainer to practice more to get quick and accurate footwork. Your skill efficiency will increase by using this tool at a steady pace. The package comes with a pouch for the ball, cable, and carabiner clips.


  • It uses neoprene material which is adjustable and durable
  • Good for improving serving, jumping, and arm swing mechanics and spiking power
  • It comes with a removable carabiner clip
  • There are a ball pouch and a cord in the package


  • The ball is not included in the package

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying The Volleyball Spike Trainer?

Here is the list of things that you have to make sure of even before buying any volleyball spike trainer

Durable materials

You should never buy the volleyball spike trainer that is made from cheap or low-quality materials. This kind of training system will fall off when you hit the ball with force and injure yourself. It is better to choose the spike trainer that uses high-end and decent quality materials. Some premium materials are durable elastic, soft synthetic rugged leather, and Neoprene.


Having an adjustable and elastic cord is crucial. You can hang and modify the adjustable cord length depending on your height. In general, spike trainers can adjust from 7.5 feet to 10.5 feet, and a few high-end models can expand up to 15.5 feet. Also, other players can use this cord by adjusting the length as per their height.


The ball pouch cord and the volleyball rim tend to tangle when you hit the ball too hard. It will be difficult for you to untangle them after every hit, and it also consumes plenty of time and effort. You have to buy anti-tangle models to avoid this kind of situation.

Holding size

Many spike trainers are available in one size, but a few models can not accommodate big-sized volleyballs. It will be a bummer if you are using the spike trainer to practice other ball sports. It is better to check the holding size of the cord before buying it.


Budget is also one of the crucial features that you need to consider for buying a spike trainer. Many models are accessible at a reasonable price, and a few products have cheaper rates. You should check the details and specifications of the spike trainer to know whether it is worth spending your money or not.


It is not a mandatory factor but buying the spike trainer with a warranty adds more trust. Some products have a limited one-year and two-year warranty. A few high-end models have a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

With the availability of other heavy and high-end volleyball spike training systems, the team at Volleyball Gear Guide faced a few obstacles to find a single volleyball spike trainer. After discovering, reviewing, and testing them, we provide you with the best list of volleyball spike trainers. All five products exceed our expectations by qualifying at every level. However, our top pick has to be Volleyball Star Volleyball Spike Trainer. It comes with plenty of extra add-ons, and this element made it our best choice.

Get any of the above volleyball spike trainers to improve your skills and get ready to show your new and developed skills in the next match.

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