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Are you heading off to your first volleyball tournament this year?

It’s the best time of year for volleyball players. The season has kicked off, and you are getting ready to pack for the volleyball tournament. Packing may appear to be a simple process, but it can be more difficult than you think when you’re only going for a weekend or full day tournament.
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Before you hit the courts for some serious volleyball, use this list of items to make sure you have the necessities!

Volleyball Tournament Checklist

  1. Volleyball Bag: Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of gear and equipment. Without the right volleyball bag, it’s hard to be prepared for your next tournament.
  2. Volleyball Team Uniform: All teams have a uniform, whether it is a standard issued team uniform or a tee shirt and volleyball shorts. If you want to bring extra team clothes, like sweatshirts or warmups, that’s an added bonus. If you have weak ankles, an ankle brace is part of your uniform. Check with your coaches for the full team playing attire, including socks and shoes. Some teams only wear uniforms specifically for volleyball tournaments.
  3. Volleyball Shoes: You cannot play indoor volleyball if you forget your shoes. Pack at least one pair of shoes with clean soles (they’ll inevitably become dirty) as well as an extra pair of socks. Bring along other shoes for when you are not on the court, such as a pair of flip flopsIf you are looking for the best volleyball shoes, be sure to check out our recent reviews which includes Best volleyball shoes for women, and another in-depth review which is on the Best volleyball shoes for men.
  4. Knee Pads: If you’re going to be diving for your fair share of balls during the match, it’s a good idea to have Knee pads. Do not forget your knee brace if you have past knee injuries that may restrict your ability to run around or jump. This also applies to ankle braces.
  5. Water Bottles: You’re playing a lot of court time, so make sure to stay hydrated. Bring your own water bottle along with a cold sports drink. Most players use a permanent marker to uniquely label their water bottle.
  6. Towels: Sometimes, the courts get a little too hot, and you need to wipe the sweat off your face. For this reason, you should pack a sweat towel and a shower towel, so you stay fresh and clean before and after your match. An extra sweat towel will come in handy if your match is being played in the hot sun.
  7. Hair Accessories: While playing volleyball, you do not want your hair distorting your vision. Remember ponytail holders and a headband to keep your line of sight clear.
  8. Contact Lens Solution:  If you wear contacts, bring enough solution to last you to clean your contact lens between matches.
  9. Snacks: You’ll be a lot less grumpy if you have something to eat between matches, so bring a bag of trail mix, a granola bar, or some fruit. You can also bring money for the vending machines in case you need a quick pick-me-up.
  10. First Aid Kit: If any minor injuries happen, it’s good to have a first aid kit on hand to clean out any scrapes or cuts. Bandages and ointment will be very helpful as well as a bag of ice for bruises and injuries.
  11. Toiletries: These are the last things you’ll want to pack, but you won’t want to forget them. Be mindful of what your bathrooms look like since there may not be soap or shampoo readily available where you are staying. Bring along your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, and any other sanitary items.


If you plan on playing your match outdoors or will be playing beach volleyball, also remember the following:

  • Bug Spray: There’s nothing worse than the itch caused by a mosquito or gnat bite after spending hours on the court, so make sure you have bug spray to prevent it from happening. This is particularly important in warmer climates.
  • Sunscreen: Even if it’s cloudy outside, the sun can still cause sunburn. Bring your favorite sunscreen to block out the harmful rays and prevent damage.

Weekend volleyball tournament

Leave valuables at home or in a safe place. If you are driving to the tournament by yourself, make sure to lock your valuables in your car.

Be prepared for weather changes. If an official postpones a game because of rain, then you and your teammates may have to wait around until it passes.

Be prepared for emergencies. If something happens, always prepare by bringing along an extra set of clothes if you or a teammate needs them.

If you forgot anything or need to clarify anything on this list, talk to your team or coaches about it before heading out for your weekend tournament!

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