What Underwear do You Wear When You Wear Spandex While Playing Volleyball

Spandex shorts are usually preferred by sportsmen and athletes as this material does not restrict movement. image of What Underwear You Need While Wearing Spandex Physical activities like sports and workouts demand clothing that can let the body easily move in all directions. Spandex is one such fabric that is extremely flexible and does not hamper body motion.

What Do Volleyball Players Wear Under Spandex?

Are you a volleyball player and you often wonder whether you should wear something under your spandex or not? Well, it is a personal choice that you should make after considering a few points. The decision of wearing underpants or nothing at all may affect your personal hygiene, comfort level, and health. Not sure about which option should you choose? Don’t worry at all as this article covers detailed discussions on both wearing and not wearing underwear beneath spandex. Read ahead to be certain about what is best for you. Besides, if you opt to wear underpants underneath your spandex, you will also fine a number of alternatives lined up!

Wearing Underwear Under Volleyball Spandex

If you choose to wear underwear underneath your volleyball shorts, you might come across a few problems. The foremost issue you may encounter would be of visible panty lines that look pretty ugly to anyone. Another significant concern is that of your health. Wearing underwear beneath your volleyball shorts certainly reduces the passage of air. When your skin can’t breathe well, it may give rise to different types of fungal infections. If given further thought, the emergence of severe diseases such as UTIs and yeast infections can cause major health problems. However, your concern regarding the short length of the volleyball spandex is completely understandable. Another valid reason for you choosing to wear underpants may be your level of comfort, which is certainly worth dwelling upon. Most of the sportswear is made up in such a manner that it does not require wearing underwear beneath them. Cloth items like cycling shorts and workout tights are usually designed with extra layers of cloth in the crotch area. Furthermore, sportswear such as suits curated, especially for swimmers and marathon/triathlon athletes, either have a crotch pad or extra liners within the spandex. As a matter of fact, you do not need to worry even if you still think that wearing underwear is a better option. This article gives you a couple of easy alternatives for underwear to choose from. You will not only get the ultimate comfort but will also be able to perform efficiently.

Volleyball Players’ Preferences

Every individual has a personal opinion when it comes to wearing underwear beneath the spandex. Although most of the volleyball players avoid wearing any sort of undergarment with volleyball shorts, some may choose otherwise. Want to know why players are against wearing underwear with volleyball shorts? Here are some reasons that might also help you to reconsider your decision.


Urinary Tract Infection usually develops from microorganisms and may be troublesome for both men and women. Mostly, a UTI is caused due to bacteria and, in some cases, fungi. If players wear underwear along with spandex, it can become a breeding area for several microorganisms, further causing infections.

Inappropriate Outer Looks

Spandex shorts usually worn by volleyball players are quite fitting and flexible. Although comfort level is the number one priority, a player should always dress neatly. Putting on underwear beneath the spandex may cause panty lines to appear that doesn’t look tidy. Another reason why players avoid undergarments is that the spandex will stick to the garment, leading to the formation of wedgies. Whether you’re playing in front of an audience or among your friends and family, you wouldn’t want to dress inappropriately.

Comfort Level

Would you be comfortable wearing multiple layers of clothing while playing or working out? The answer may be different for everyone but usually a simple “no.” Playing shorts are stretchable, well-fit, and specially designed to provide complete flexibility. Adding a layer to your already thick spandex shorts might cause you to sweat more. Moreover, wearing underwear with spandex shorts might restrict the motion of body parts for many players, causing discomfort. Listed above are a few of the common reasons why both male and female players incline towards avoiding underwear with spandex. Nonetheless, you can still choose several trouble-free alternatives, some of which are mentioned below.

Best Underwear for Volleyball Shorts

You may be habitual to wearing underpants, and that is completely normal. Both male and female volleyball players might choose to continue wearing underwear with spandex shorts for personal reasons. Here are some easy solutions, specially laid out for those of you who decide on wearing underwear while playing volleyball.
  • Jockstrap (for men). Protection from injuries, groin.
  • Thong (for women). No visible panty lines, enough.
  • Cotton underpants. Protection against spandex fabric.

Reconsidering Your Options

A yet another solution maybe of picking the correct type of volleyball shorts. The garment market is ever-growing and has something or the other to suit everyone’s personal needs. Choosing shorts that offer proper coverage can be a great option if you don’t want to restrict your motion by underwear. Another reason why you should opt for volleyball shorts is that they fit perfectly well. Forming a cushion around your muscles, allowing blood circulation, and ease of movement are some of their benefits. Designed specifically for playing, volleyball spandex is certainly the most optimum choice for you.

To Sum It Up

Still pondering over the thought of wearing underwear beneath your volleyball spandex? Do not let your decision cloud due to others preferences. Choosing to wear volleyball spandex shorts with or without underwear is ultimately your call. You are the only one who will be affected either positively or negatively, so you must choose wisely. All you need to do is consider your comfort levels and hygiene issues before reaching a conclusion. You got to be careful while choosing your volleyball shorts and see that they do not ride up while playing. Additionally, your volleyball shorts must be anything but flexible, giving you complete freedom of motion. We hope you enjoyed this post and will visit us again at Volleyball Gear Guide in the very near future. We are planning on publishing several reviews on the latest volleyball equipment and products in the very near future. We look forward to hearing from you.

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